Help needed with new Lynch book

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Help needed with new Lynch book

Postby Bernie Friend » Sat Nov 22, 2008 6:41 am

Dear all,

Just like you, I am a massive fan of all things David Lynch, especially the comforting glow generated by Twin Peaks.

I am an English journalist and travel writer and I'm hoping my next assignment will be my greatest one. But I need all of your help!

Next year I wil embark on a road trip across Lynchland, from a Bergen bar watching the Norwegian rock band Audrey Horne, to Snoqualmie itself, plus other destinations, clubs and people touched by this most weird and wonderful world.

During the trip I will also be trying to catch up with actors from the Lynch universe as well as the people behind the scenes.

Therefore I need information about any fans clubs, societies, events and exhibitions which still exist and are set to take place in the future.

Are there any French, Swedish, German or Icelandic fan clubs, as well as any other countries, and are there any other big celebrations of Lynch's work, apart from the official Twin Peaks Fest?

Is there anybody out there with a big collection of merchandise and old props?

I would also like to speak to the leader of the group who campaigned to keep Twin Peaks on air when ABC announced the cancellation.

Are their any businesses, bars, restaurants or cults inspired by Lynch? Is there a little old cinema somewhere or TV station which keeps showing Twin Peaks on a constant loop?

I need to unearth everything that still exists connected with this world ' the sweeter or stranger the better.

I'm also trying to track down information on failed attempts to resurrect Twin Peaks.

I heard rumours of a knocked back bid from an English company, Phoenixmedia (With a Thousand Angels) and also a graphic novel going into a third series, but can find no other information.

Then there was Mark Frost hinting at his desire to do a set of Agent Cooper spin-offs.

I also need contact details you may be able to give me regarding getting in touch with cast members, even if it is just details of their agents, as you can imagine this is going to be very time consuming.

Also, where there any big rumours of falling outs and romances on set and have their been any big stories linked to the cast since the show finished.

I was interested to see that James Marshall pulled out of the Twin Peaks Fest this year because of illness ' do we know why?

I am having particular trouble tracking down Al Strobel, Michael Anderson and Catherine Coulson, who I would like to interview very much.

I would also like to get in contact with the families of Jack Nance and Frank Silva, plus off screen big hitters such as Johanna Ray, Robert Engles and Harley Peyton.

Any leads you can give me will be massively appreciated and it may be the case that I will pay you a visit.

For more information about me, please visit

My e-mail address is

Kind regards and thanks for your time,

Bernie Friend

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