Thomas Truax tribute to music from Lynch films (UK)

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Thomas Truax tribute to music from Lynch films (UK)

Postby ArrKid » Tue Feb 02, 2010 9:38 am


I'm fairly new to the wonders of David Lynch, but was pretty chuffed to find that Thomas Truax (New York songwriter and inventor of some weird and wonderful instruments, including 'The Hornicator') is playing a tribute gig to Lynch, performing songs from his album Songs From the Films of David Lynch.

It's in Glasgow (UK) but I was wondering if anyone had seen him before? I think the album's great - I read in an interview that David Lynch has 'heard it and hasn't expressed dislike'. Amazing phrasing. Again, if anyone can shed any light on whether he's become any more committed to it, that'd be good.

There's some event info here if anyone's local: ... -Lynch.htm



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