Third Annual David Lynch Foundation Benefit Gala

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Third Annual David Lynch Foundation Benefit Gala

Postby Annie » Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:06 am

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Ellen DeGeneres, Russell Brand, Russell Simmons, David Lynch and more.

Meditating stars, leaders of veterans groups, and top scientists and educators gather to raise funds and celebrate the success of the David Lynch Foundation's many outreaches to help people in need overcome traumatic stress and transform their lives from within. For more information on DLF empowering veterans, underserved youth, and other disadvantaged groups to overcome traumatic stress through meditation visit Watch News Conference View Event Photos.

Watch a replay of this Benefit Gala, and other past events, at the David Lynch Foundation website. Also watch a replay of the David Lynch Foundation Launch of Operation Warrior Wellness Los Angeles, and related media coverage: David Lynch gives $1M to teach vets meditation. And WSJ: Russell Brand Interviews Quantum Physicist At David Lynch Foundation Gala. Leslie Hendry reviews David's talk in How Hippie Meditation Helps Us All. See People Magazine photo of Katy Perry and her dapper husband Russell Brand make a cozy pair at the Change Begins Within benefit gala in Los Angeles on Saturday, and another one where Perry popped up at the David Lynch Foundation's Change Begins Within benefit celebration in Los Angeles on Saturday, 12/3/11.

Google this to see a video of the event.
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Re: Third Annual David Lynch Foundation Benefit Gala

Postby Buck's Student » Sun Jan 01, 2012 11:33 pm

What a disturbing image. :lol:

I wasn't pleased with my experience with the DLF. Guys behind the scenes were really helpful, but there isn't anyone teaching TM near me. Doesn't the DLF help students by paying for their lessons? The only person I found willing to teach me didn't even mention the DLF funding, and wanted me, a student without any money, to pay (Which costs a lot!).

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