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David Lynch month at BFI Southbank

Posted: Sat Jan 28, 2012 2:41 pm
by iar
Just a heads up to any Brits...

BFI Southbank in London seem to have labelled February their David Lynch month! They are showing almost every (if not every) film throughout the month.. some multiple times.

There are also two other events that sound really interesting. One discusses Lynch's early years in the film business, whilst the second called 'David Lynch: In Dreams' sounds wonderful. It's an afternoon of discussion that revolves around Lynch's relationship to Surrealism and New American Cinema.

I am completely gutted that I can't attend 'In Dreams'... I have only great memories of seeing INLAND EMPIRE at BFI Southbank so I wish I could go to this. For those of you lucky enough to be around, here is a link to this event:

Download the Feb calendar on the right hand side for all the other events.