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Production Design/Art Design

Postby iar » Tue Jan 30, 2007 7:38 am

I was unsure about whether to post this topic here, or under the sub-heading of a specific film. I ended up here because I decided it was quite a general question regarding all of David Lynch's films.

As we know, David's films often have a distinctive look/feel to them, hence why the term "Lynchian" was coined. However, after reading somewhat about the process of film making, specifically the creative period before filming, I was wondering how much control David has over Production Design/Art Design. It seems that many directors, at the most, draw some basic sketches outlining their ideas for camera placement/actor placement/lense etc but do not draw in any detail. Infact, I have heard many leave this process entirely up to their Production Designer, preferring to come in at a later date.

However, Hitchcock was one of the few directors who took more control and interest over his concept sketches and storyboards, encouraging collaboration with his art departement.

Here is my question: Does anyone have any idea what David Lynch's process has been in this area? Specifically, for Mulholland Drive (as, in my opinion it is, in many ways the classic Lynch film). (IE is probably an exception to the rule and I should imagine was worked on entirely diffrently.)

I would imagine Lynch having great control and input into Production Design. I have always imagined him visualising and creating everything down to the small details...i.e. the phones, the coffee cups...However, Jack Fisk is Production Designer in MD and I dont believe Lynch has ever been credited as Production Designer, with the exception of Eraserhead.

Is it the case that he provides detailed descriptions to and/or collaboration with the art departament?

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