rate and review original TP soundtrack

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rate and review original TP soundtrack

Postby nix1980 » Fri Jun 12, 2009 8:35 am

01. Twin Peaks Theme ***** (out of 5)
- I remember when I was kid..some 10 years old... I fell in love with this music immediately. Probably the best intro to show ever. There are not words to describe this beautiful and the most original theme.

02. Laura Palmer's Theme *****
- incredible... from dark begining to sad part that almost always bring tears to my eyes... so simple, yet so powerful and so inspired.

03. Audrey's Dance *****
- without doubt one of the most original and weird theme ever to be in movie... some weird jazz style with spooky mood.

04. The Nightingale *****
- probably the most sad song on Julee Cruise album "Floating Into The Night" and one of the most beautiful ever.

05. Freshly Squeezed ****
- comparing to other music, this one is "weak", but on it's own still very good theme.

06. The Bookhouse Boys *****
- I really love this montage, especialy the last part and whole montage brings many images from TP.

07. Into The Night *****
- dark song from soundtrack, great. My mum always loved this one :mrgreen:

08. Night Life In Twin Peaks *****
- I remember being a kid, this theme always brings so many spooky and weird images to my theme and it was really scary for me ti listen to it. It is like collage of sounds and notes that fits perfectly.

09. Dance Of The Dream Man *****
- I prefer this one way over Freshley Squeezed... this is to me "original" version and I really love the melody and sound of sax.

10. Love Theme From Twin Peaks ****1/2
- although great, I actualy don't need this one if there is "Laura Palmer's Theme"

11. Falling *****
- unforgettable.. that's what you are!

Overall 4.9 ... yes, almost impossible rating, but that's what this soundtrack is- the best and the most original piece of music EVER.

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