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Twin Peaks Music Guide - Scene by Scene

Postby qbin2001 » Tue Aug 02, 2011 12:38 pm

You asked, so here it is. 8)

This guide is based on:
- Twin Peaks Timeline compiled by Edwin Nomura (with little changes)
- Twin Peaks Music Guide compiled by Qbin

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[U] - unreleased
[R] - released
[X] - released in different version/speed/reversed
[S] - sound effect

+ - track is in that scene
- - no music in that scene

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Pilot 1x00

00. Twin Peaks Theme (Long Edit No 1) [X]

   + Credits.

01. Laura Palmer's Theme [R]

   + Josie at the mirror

   + Pete Martell goes fishing and discovers Laura's body.

   - Pete calls the sheriff's station.

02. Laura Palmer's Theme [R]

   + Truman and Doc Hayward identify the body as Laura Palmer's.
     Andy takes pictures and breaks down and cries.

   + Sarah can't find Laura.
   - She calls the Briggs' and the football coach.

03. Percussion Solo No 1 [U]

   + Audrey gets in a car for school.

   - Ben and Leland have meeting with Norwegians.  Ben mentions he has
     information that the sawmill will go belly up within a year.

04. Laura Palmer's Theme [R]

   + Leland receives news about Laura.

   - Heidi's late to work at the RR.

05. I'm Hurt Bad [R]

   + Bobby leave 'RR'.
06. Audrey's Dance (Clean Fast) [U]

   + Bobby takes Shelly home.

07. Dark Vibrato (with Noise) [S]

   + Leo's home so he drops her off and takes off.

   - Leland makes a positive ID of Laura's body.

08. Bookhouse Boys [U]

   + At Twin Peaks High, Audrey changes her shoes, and James meets Donna

09. Audrey's Dance (Clean) [U]

   + Bobby arrives at school and is wanted in the office.

10. Whisthling Noise  [S]

   + In class, Donna notices Laura's empty seat after a cop talks to the teacher.

11. Audrey's Dance (Clean) [U]

   + Bobby is questioned, then arrested.

12. Laura Palmer's Theme [R]

   + Principal Wolchezk makes the announcement.  Students grieve.

   - Truman questions Sarah.  Hawk gathers items out of Laura's room.
     Truman gets the message that Ronette is missing.

   - Josie has Pete "push the plug" and makes an announcement that work
     will stop today in memory of Laura.  Catherine fires Fred Truax.

13. [Mix] Laura Palmer's Theme [R] - Dark Sound [S] -
          Half Speed Orchestra 1 (Stair Music/Danger Theme) #1 [R]
   + Ronette is found wandering along the tracks

14. Bookhouse Boys [U]

   + James stops at Big Ed's Gas Farm. James has a note for Donna.

15. Half Speed Orchestra 1 (Stair Music/Danger Theme) [R]

   + Nadine sends Ed off to get the drapes at Gentleman Jim's.

16. [Mix] Dance of the Dream Man  [R] - Dance of the Dream Man (Sax Solo) [U]

   + Cooper enters Twin Peaks.

   + Cooper meets Truman and reminds him that he is in charge.

   - They check on Ronette.  She was raped several times, and Cooper
      finds nothing under her fingernail.

17. Laura Palmer's Theme [R]

   + Ronette: "no, don't go there"

   + Cooper and Truman take an elevator with a one-armed man.

   - Dr. Jacoby meets and tells them he wants to go to the morgue. Truman says no.
     Jacoby also says that Laura's parents didn't know she was seeing him.

   - Cooper and Truman check on Laura. Cooper finds an "R" under Laura's left
     ring finger and mentions that he knew he would see this again. He tells
     Diane to give this to Albert, not Sam.

   - Donna comes to Big Ed's Gas Farm looking for James.  Mike comes by to
     get Donna but Ed kicks him off the property. Nadine yells at Ed about
     the drapes and Ed gives Donna James' note for her.

18. Percussion Solo No 1 [U]

   + Cooper and Truman investigate Laura's diary.  The last entry is "Nervous
     about meeting J. tonight."  There's a safety deposit box key and a bag
     with what looks like cocaine residue.

19. [Mix] Laura Palmer's Theme [R] - Dark Sound [U]

   + Andy calls Lucy and says that they find the train car.

   - Cooper and Truman question Bobby.  Cooper doesn't think he did it and
     shows the picnic video to him.  Bobby says he didn't do drugs and
     thinks a moment when Cooper mentions the letter J.

20. Norwegians [R]

   + Audrey walks into the Norwegians' meeting.  She mentions Laura's death.

   - Bobby and Mike talk about going after a biker.  Lucy overhears.

21. Love Theme (Solo Rhodes) [R]

   + Cooper questions Donna.  She says some hiker shot the picnic video.
     He wants to know who she's protecting.

   - Lucy is about to tell Cooper what she overheard from Bobby and Mike, but
      he already knows...

22. Laura Palmer's Theme [R]

   + ...the person they're looking for is a biker.

   + James with the locket on a thong.

23. Norwegians [R]

   + The Norwegians are leaving.

24. [Mix] Laura Palmer's Theme [R] - Dark Sound [S] -
          Slow Speed Orchestra 1 (24 Hours) [R]

   + Cooper and Truman at the train car.  They find the necklace, on a chain,
      with half of the heart and a note, "Fire, walk with me."

   - James with the locket on a thong.

   - Sylvia tells the nurse to tell Johnny that Laura won't be coming back.

   - Cooper and Truman at the bank.  Inside Laura's safety deposit box are
     over $10,000...

25. Dark Vibrato (with Noise) [U]

   + ...and a copy of Fleshworld with Ronette's picture in it.

26. Half Speed Orchestra 1 (Stair Music/Danger Theme) [R] #2-#1

   + Leo finds two kinds of cigarette butts in the ashtray and threatens Shelly.

27. Percussion Solo No 1 [U]

   + Norma calls Ed.  They agree to meet at the Roadhouse at 9:30.

   - Town meeting where Cooper addresses the community leaders.  He says that
     one year ago, almost to the day, in the southwest corner of the state,
     a girl by the name of Teresa Banks was found dead and because of
     "irrefutable similarities," he believes that same perpetrator killed
     Laura and almost killed Ronette.

28. [Mix] Laura Palmer's Theme [R] - Slow Speed Orchestra 1 (24 Hours) [X] [half-speed]

   + Donna sneaks out after overhearing her parents talk about the necklace.
     Harriet works on her poem.

29. Audrey's Dance (Clean) [U]

   + Mike and Bobby arrive at the Hayward's looking for Donna.  Doc discovers
     she is missing.  The boys head for the Roadhouse.

30. [Mix] Audrey's Dance (Clarinets Solo) [U] - Percussion Solo No 2 [U]

   + Doc calls Cooper and Truman who are staking out the Roadhouse about
     missing Donna.

31. Falling

   + Ed and Norma talk about leaving their respective spouses for each
     other. Cooper and Truman see Mike and Bobby arrive, then Donna.

32. [Mix] Audrey's Dance (Clarinets Solo) [U] - Percussion Solo No 2 [U]

   + Truman calls for backup.

33-34. The Nightingale

   + Fight breaks out, Joey Paulson takes Donna to meet James.  Ed gets his
     ass kicked by Bobby.

35. [Mix] Laura Palmer's Theme [R] - Slow Speed Orchestra 1 (24 Hours) [X] [half-speed]

   + Cooper and Truman pursue but lose Joey and Donna.

   + James and Donna talk about Laura.  He says Laura mentioned something
     about a guy getting killed. They kiss, then bury the locket.

36. Bookhouse Boys [U]

   + James is arrested.

37. Audrey's Dance (Clean) [U]

   + James is put in a cell.

38. Laura Palmer's Theme (Piano No 1A) [U]

   + Doc picks up Donna at the station.

   - Truman and Cooper have coffee and donuts.  Truman recommends the
     Great Northern for Cooper.

39. Audrey's Dance (Clean)

   + Bobby and Mike bark at James.

40. The Swan (Instrumental)

   + Truman meets Josie, has been seeing her for about 6 weeks.

41. Slow Speed Orchestra 1 (24 Hours) [half-speed] [X]
42. Laura Palmer's Theme [R]

   + Catherine tells Ben on the phone that Truman is with Josie again, and
     they agree to meet to talk about it.

   + Truman tells Josie "It must have happened about this time 24 hour ago".

43. Half Speed Orchestra 1 (Stair Music/Danger Theme) #1, #2

   + Sarah has a vision of the locket on a thong dug up by person

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