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Best LYnch O.S.T.s

Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:20 pm
by claaa7
Being that this is a "Twin Peaks" fan community i think instead of just naming one or two albums which would likely be FWWM and the series for most, lets do FWWM as a separate entry and Twin Peaks the series (S1 + S2) as one installment.

Either way, without a doubt my favorite is the "FWWM" soundtrack, not just as a soundtrack either. Whether you've seen the movie or not this is an absolutely brilliant piece of art in my opinion. The dark jazz and Angelo Badalamenti's arrangements for jazz legends (and/or veterans in the field) like Ron Carter, Buster Williams, Grady Tate, Jay Hoggard, Jimmy Scott and his band, as well as very talented studio musicians like Al Reigni, Eddie Dixon and Vinnie Bell. Throw in some great Julee Cruise tracks, etc. and i'd say that it's a 4.5/5 album on its own term, soundtrack or not. Very eclectic but works perrfectly as well.. Oh and I can't forget the Fox Bat Strategy track "The Pink Room" which works really well and the small atmospheric soundbites like "The Black Dog Runs at Night" and you're really onto something exceptional.

The series is a bit of a differnet beast, Lycnh seemed to have been more hands on with the music production of the show than many other aspects of it - especially later and it shows. And they put a sufficient amount of money into these sessions, inviting a lot of studio musicians instead of just having Angelo and Kimmy Landrum play it all out on synths like a composer such as Mark Frost does (someone I feel is very limited as a composer, which is why he has never reached out of the small screen). However, the same budget and attention to detail couldn't have been given to the series as the movie which is understandable but there are many amazing pieces betwee the two soundtracks (1990 / 2007). I'm also not fond of the type of music like the R&R diner stuff in S2, "Americana" and the similiar stuff. Just not my cup of tea at all.

The cost is probably why they included the full version of "Sycamore Trees" on the OST album as it must have been the most expensive track to cut. One interesting tidbit about "Sycamore Trees" - i read in Brad Dukes' book with Kinny Landrumt talking about that particular session and how he was blown away to have jazz legend Buster Williams come in and play with them on that. Of course he could have mixed that up, but as a jazz fan a big moment like that I find it unlikely. Then I learned that Ron was never at the session but added his amazing bass line (whcih is like at least 50% of the song to me) as an overdub. Listening to it again, I can actually hear two basses on there - one is being played picazzato (plucked, this is Ron Carter know doubt) and one bowed (this could very well be Buster Williams). Eddie Vinson (or was it Vinnie Bell is credited as bass guitar but i don't think you play bass guitar bowed. So maybe they are both on these song? Landrum mentioned it as a very fond and special moment of the recording of the soundtrack, like one his most cherished memories so it would be weird if there wasn't even a bass player there or if he saw Ron Carter overdub only (who looks very different, and if you're into jazz sounds quite differently). Either way I*m glad they included it on the soundtrack, that "The FWWM" theme, the montage, "Moving Through Time" , "Sycamore Trees"... a f*ck it, the whole abum is just excellent from start to finnish. I always play it front to back.

My second pick, as listening to an album straight through, is "Lost Highway". I really think that Trent Reznor understood what David was going for, and with both contemporary rock (some of it a little outdated), great mood pieces by Angelo and Barry Adamson that compliment each other really well. It's eclectic enough to never get boring, yet it flows seamlessly and also works perfectly with the actual visuals. So great job there, and a CD i need to find ASAP (i missed up a good ddeal years ago). oh and Marilyn Manson's "Apple Of Sodom" has always been one of my favorite Manson tunes, just like Trent Reznor's "The Perfect Drug" and "Driver Down" and of course David Bowie's "I'm Deranged" really sets a visual picture of the movie together with the instrumentals. My only real problem is the Rammstein songs, both in the movie and on the Soundtrack; i Mean i had a period where I dug the group but they just sound WRONG on here. anybody else feel this way? I've heard "Lost Highway" referred to as both Lynch's best OST and his worst on many different ocassions.

"The Straight Story" is absolutely GORGEOUS from beginning to end, and although it's the type of music I personally find better along with the images from the movie (and man what a marriage they are) when you're in the right mood it's extremely well composed, arranged and performed. It's not a CD i would dig out often though, I'm quite content with hearing the beautiful themes when watching the film. Would you say I'm wrong? On a side note do anybody know the msucians who played on here? They are not credited and though it's been a while I find it hard to believe that all this beautiful music came out of Badalamenti's scene only.

"THe Mullholland Drive" soundtrack is actually quite similiar in a way for me. These long drawn out synth pieces by Badalamenti absolutely sets the mood and works perfectly with the image of the scenes (i know many of these are collaborations with the Prauge Cit Symphony Orchestra but much of it sound very synth based as ina one man show imo). The theme song set to RIta and Camilla's love scene before Club Silencio is one of the most beautiful love scenes put on film, and the soundtrack, dialouge and image all enhances it so well. Also the soundtrack constantly adds to the tension, it's really well arranged and synced up to the film. And we do get one of the most beautiful performances ever put on film with Rebekah Del Rio's "Llorando", man that knocked me out the first time I heard it and every time since. The more jazzy stuff like the "Dinner Pool Party" music and also the new composition that wasn't in the pilot when the goon is looking for ADAM KESHER at his home and knocks out Gene the Pool Man. Not sure if this was on the OST. I need to take another listen, as i can't remember the BlueBo stuff, etc.

Then you got "Dune" which had David working with Toto and to me it's one of the things that drag it down a bit. There's some nice guitar solo stuff, and pretty epic sounding stuff brought to the table, but the vintage '80s rock feel really help date what should be a timeless story. And Toto never did it for me as a band either so, no not a fan of this. Brian Eno's "Prophecy" theme was amazing though, wish he would've done the whole OST.

The last one I'm going to mention now is the O.S.T. to "Eraserhead", released on vinyl in 1982 when the film had become a true underground classic. The soundtrack itself is more a collage of sound effects, musical excerpts, dialouge, and the same feeling of dread that Henry obviously live in constantly. I don't know if it's succesfull as an album that you put on and listen to, it's more akin to an audio movie. Put it on, close your eyes and whether or not you're familiar with the film or not you will definitely be suprised how well it captures the same feeling that the movie did. It's an interesting album for sure, and one of its first of its kind, but it's not something I'd regular for prleasure ona regular basis. But who can forget "In Heaven..." and big shout out to DKL for bringing up Fats Waller again. I loved how he rearranged a few things so that it would fit better with the vocals. I feel that "Inland Empire" is like a cross between "M.D." and "Eraserhead" when we're talking soundtracks.

But my list, as promised as for now:

01. "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me"
02. "Lost Highway"
03. "Twin Peaks / S1 and S2"
04. "Mulholland Drive"
05. "Eraserhead"
06. "Inland Empire"

Re: Best LYnch O.S.T.s

Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 2:37 pm
by Snailhead
FWWM is at the top, no question, followed by TP the series and Mulholland Drive.

As much as I enjoy the soundtracks of his other films, I don't listen to them on their own.

Re: Best LYnch O.S.T.s

Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 4:06 pm
by claaa7
fair enough, i actually do not either... i have heard "Eraserhead" and it is interesting but it's not something you would like to revisit more than now and then, when i don't know exactly haha. but it is cool in it's own way, and for DJ*s and such it's a sampler's dream. The Dune soundtrack by Toto, a group i never cared for, is enough to hear in the movie to know that i don''t like it.

i really like "FWWM", "Twin Peaks" season 1 + 2,and parts of "Mulholland Drive" nd "Inland Empire" as standalone albums. i have yet to really dig into the soundtracks of "Wild at Heart", "Blue Velvet" and "Straight Story" but they all work incredibly well with what's up on the screen. The music played a HUGELY underrated part in "Inland Empire"

Re: Best LYnch O.S.T.s

Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 5:31 pm
by Snailhead
Oh! I forgot INLAND EMPIRE. I do listen to that one as well, that would be my 4th favourite soundtrack. I skip the Polish night music tracks, but otherwise it's a fantastic mix.

Re: Best LYnch O.S.T.s

Posted: Thu Apr 13, 2017 8:51 pm
by guildnavigator
(I'm assuming you mean to type Mark Snow as opposed to Mark Frost)

Cool post. I really like the piece of music that's playing during the doctors office scene near the beginning of the Straight Story.

I have a French pressing of the Elephant Man soundtrack LP and that record has some really beautiful moments that have now been used in several other pieces of film/TV. Totally worth grabbing for lynch collectors.

Re: Best LYnch O.S.T.s

Posted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 6:32 am
by OrsonWelles
Mulholland Drive, definitely. The haunting theme, the blues, Linda Scott, it's wonderful.

Despite the fact it has a totally different vibe, I think I like The Straight Story second. It's probably the most emotional out of all the Lynch-Badalamenti scores.

And as a third I'd pick Twin Peaks OST season 1. Bit cliché, but it has all the main themes, although I think Sycamore Tree is the best TP-track and I also like The Black Dog Runs at Night :)

Re: Best LYnch O.S.T.s

Posted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 8:52 am
by Soolsma
The Straight Story OST is my absolute favorite work by Badalamenti/Lynch OST. Especially the song Lauren's Walking.

I love Sinnerman at the end of IE, too bad a shorter version was used.

Sycamore trees...

Re: Best LYnch O.S.T.s

Posted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 3:39 pm
by claaa7
"Sinnerman" is one of my favorite tracks of all time, Lynch really put it to good use at the end of IE.. that scene is pure cathartic bliss after the 3 hours of desperation, hallucinations, split personalities, chaos and redemption. i see that part as visually a part of the movies story, yet the film wouldn't feel complete with it. and the original Nina Simone track that runs for 10 minutes is just heavenly.

i think the "Straight Story" is one of the few Lynch soundtracks i haven't heard separately from the movie. i loved it in the movie but i never imagined it would be something i would enjoy too much on igx osn.. but i'll gve ot a chance after the recommendations here. Badalamenti is incredibble, especially working with Lyndh.. i'm not a bit fan of Lynch's solo albums/music though.

and yes i meant Mark Snw in the OP, sorry for the typo.

Re: Best LYnch O.S.T.s

Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 12:59 am
by Panapaok
Either Twin Peaks/FWWM or Mulholland Dr.