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Postby page_ripped_out » Tue Oct 30, 2007 9:34 am

Fall_of_Sophia wrote:
page_ripped_out wrote:
jdh.goodgrief wrote:Page Ripped Out - I'm sorry to hear that. I know someone else in Kent who has suffered the same problem. I went with and priority international courier (delivered 26 Oct), because I had a hunch that would struggle to deliver on their initial promise of an import CD released on the same day as the US.

Hi, d'you think I should mail about this delay and see what they will do? I dont have an account, and it's all a bit of a hassle to set one up, now that I have a one....
Perhaps i will check Ebay....if i have to buy this twice just so i can have it soon then i am even prepared to, as idiotic as that sounds!

Bypass Amazon and access the used and new on their site...I've used them and they are generally reliable. I've had the same problem with I think dvdlegacy are sending mine...well they tell me it's been shipped anyway. By the way I used for Twin peaks gold and they shipped it on 26/10!!

Sort it out ABSURDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D'oh! What the hell was i thinking LOL. I just saw your post and YES, i honestly forgot to check the new/used private sellers on Amazon! SO, i have cancelled my £14.95 order from Amazon and bought it again from importCDs from the US thru Amazon and it only cost me £8.72! I am much happier now...
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Postby jdh.goodgrief » Tue Oct 30, 2007 10:48 am

Cool, I was just logging in to post and suggest Amazon Marketplace after my friend reported back that he'd gone hat route - that makes two Amazon Marketplace TP soundtracks heading for Kent!

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