Twin Peaks Season 2 CD Online Listening Party on 11/08/07

Discussion on the music of Twin Peaks

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Postby spaced » Fri Nov 09, 2007 7:37 am

Hi everybody. Long time Lynch fan, first time poster here. It's nice to read about others who enjoy the music and moods of the new soundtrack as much as I do. I regret missing the chat last night. I'm hoping Mr. dugpa can indeed post the transcript...
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Postby dugpa » Fri Nov 09, 2007 9:20 am

Here is the transcript from last night.


20:34:41 dugpa 10
20:34:44 dugpa 9
20:34:47 dugpa 8
20:34:50 dugpa 7
20:34:54 dugpa 6
20:34:55 dugpa 5
20:34:57 dugpa 4
20:34:58 dugpa 3
20:34:59 dugpa 2
20:35:00 dugpa 1
20:35:01 amerikame joins My room
20:35:02 dugpa PLAY
20:35:18 Annie Ok, man
20:35:19 dugpa Ahhh.....
20:35:21 Kim great starter - sad, beautiful and spooky themes in this one.
20:35:23 youkilledmike ahhh yes...
20:35:31 JudeNO the opening is just a mixture of everything i love
20:35:32 mexicymru i like all the little "samples"
20:35:38 JudeNO the drums, sad, piano, scary flute
20:35:40 dugpa love those cymbals.
20:35:50 djzombi yeah, I love that there's lots of the 2nd season spooky bits throughout
20:35:59 mexicymru theb persussion is awesome throughout...
20:36:04 dugpa Angelo's piano...
20:36:06 djzombi ooh a reprise of the Night Life from 1st CD
20:36:15 Leen This is a great mixture of things...
20:36:22 JudeNO i'm fascinated by the slight delay on the piano notes when Laura's theme kicks in to the 'beautiful' part
20:36:29 dugpa yup. I like how they threw that in there.
20:36:33 Annie I love Angelo's piano--does he play?
20:36:50 dugpa yes. It's all Angelo.
20:36:53 Jerry Horne Yes!!
20:36:56 amerikame According to the liner notes, yes
20:36:58 dugpa Except Drums, Bass, and Guitar.
20:37:00 Annie Cool
20:37:10 djzombi well, except for the Alicia Witt track ;)
20:37:11 dugpa Hey Leen!
20:37:11 JudeNO do any of you play instruments?
20:37:17 Kim btw i haven't got the cd yet (had to download it)
20:37:17 dugpa Hey Amerikame.
20:37:19 JudeNO i play piano and have the sheet music book for the 1st season
20:37:23 mexicymru guitar... poorly
20:37:24 dugpa Next Track... Shelly
20:37:26 Leen Hello!
20:37:30 youkilledmike ditto
20:37:32 amerikame hey
20:37:49 JudeNO ah, had this as my myspace song since it was posted
20:37:50 dugpa me too. again, very poorly.
20:37:56 mexicymru i can't stand that scene in ep 14... it has always grated me
20:37:58 Annie I don't remember the song, Shelly
20:37:58 Leen I play piano and organ - I didn't know there was sheet music available! That sounds great
20:38:03 JudeNO always cried at this scene
20:38:04 dugpa I love this song.
20:38:07 mexicymru shelly quitting
20:38:16 Annie Very nice
20:38:17 djzombi I used to have it on my MySpace too
20:38:18 JudeNO Leen--there's an entire book, with all the music for the 1st soundtrack CD
20:38:18 mexicymru wow,Jude
20:38:23 Kim nice song. isn't "questions in a world of blue" put in here and there in this one?
20:38:24 dugpa I like how they morphed this song with New Shoes in Episode 29.
20:38:29 amerikame I must of played this on myspace a million times, waiting for the cd to finally come out!!
20:38:35 Leen I must try to get that
20:38:36 mexicymru i just couldn't really picture anyone being that upset about leaving her job at the diner
20:38:40 JudeNO Shelly/Norma relationship was so genuine and non-judgemental
20:38:53 mexicymru true enough
20:38:56 dugpa Maybe some o the chords are the same as Questions ina World of Blue.
20:38:56 amerikame very true
20:38:57 djzombi I know; you don't really realize it until this scene, though, I think
20:38:58 Jerry Horne This is one of my favorite scenes in the series - but as soon as i say that i think of ALL the great scenes
20:39:01 youkilledmike You could really see it.
20:39:09 mexicymru Macthkin is such a great actress elsewhere
20:39:09 JudeNO "Norma, I'm serious---bring the whole pie
20:39:16 djzombi lol
20:39:19 Annie Me, too, Jerry
20:39:19 djzombi that's true
20:39:20 dugpa I love that this song has the nice bels (I think they are bells) at the end.
20:39:38 Kim it's over so fast...
20:39:42 dugpa Next Track... New Shoes
20:39:49 JudeNO ok New shoes---
20:39:50 mexicymru yay!
20:39:51 Annie Hey b- isn't this your fav?
20:39:53 djzombi Madchen Amick needed to cry more she was good at it
20:39:54 dugpa This song may be one of my all time favorites.
20:40:01 dugpa Oh yes.
20:40:03 JudeNO can we list the moments when this was played--other than the tape in the boot
20:40:11 Jerry Horne And the brand of shoes was...?
20:40:15 djzombi I'm SO glad this track was included
20:40:18 djzombi Circle brand
20:40:24 JudeNO the interogation withe Cooper/FBI/drugs
20:40:25 mexicymru absolutely, djz
20:40:26 Jerry Horne !!
20:40:28 Annie Yeppers
20:40:29 djzombi egads, I'm a geek and a half
20:40:31 dugpa I always associated this song with Cooper in the interrogation room. Never Leo Johnson, but it makes sense.
20:40:39 wowBOBwow arrgh have to go. must join the forums...
20:40:41 Leen Great series knowledge!
20:41:00 mexicymru wowBOBwow quit (timeout)
20:41:12 JudeNO does anyone know if the percussion is done by a real live person, or is it electronic?
20:41:18 Kim i might get flamed, but i wasn't too impressed with new shoes, kind of mediocre, i thought.
20:41:24 dugpa I think it's live.
20:41:25 mexicymru that can't be electronic, surely?
20:41:29 JudeNO cuz if someone can play those cymbals, swish/etc,, -----wow
20:41:30 dugpa Sounds live to me.
20:41:36 amerikame I don't think it can be electric
20:41:39 Annie It's not my all time favorite
20:41:42 mexicymru brushes on cymbals
20:41:46 mexicymru great sound
20:41:52 dugpa They got some great players in the Twin Peaks band.
20:41:53 Annie it does sound live
20:41:56 youkilledmike yes
20:42:08 dugpa I wonder what they called theband that plays all the Twin Peaks music.
20:42:11 Annie do we know who is in the Twin Peaks band?
20:42:11 JudeNO and great bass line
20:42:14 Jerry Horne Esp. the guitar player
20:42:21 Leen It's atmospheric, but not one of my favourite tracks
20:42:36 JudeNO any other scenes that this was played?
20:42:37 dugpa I was told that when they did the live show for Blue Bob, they used all the guys from the Twin Peaks band.
20:42:38 Annie Great minds think alike!
20:42:46 dugpa Vinnie Bell on Guitar
20:42:48 Kim i think this "style" is found better elsewhere on the other soundtracks
20:42:52 dugpa as well as Eddie Dixon
20:42:58 JudeNO omg, so jealous that i didn't get to hear this live
20:43:02 dugpa youkilledmike quit (timeout)
20:43:06 mexicymru Can't think of any Jude...
20:43:13 Annie was John Neff on it, too?
20:43:25 dugpa Blue Bob only
20:43:27 Kim imagine the Twin peaks band on tour....
20:43:31 dugpa Next Track... High School Swing
20:43:31 JudeNO is this the scene where they cut to a water faucet running for no reason
20:43:42 JudeNO OMG, Nadine
20:43:49 Jerry Horne Vinnie Bell on Guitar!
20:43:53 djzombi I know we're not up to the track yet, but I was disappointed that I'm Hurt Bad was so short and morphed into something completely different
20:43:53 JudeNO what a gift she was
20:43:55 Leen I just ordered the Blue Bob CD recently - is it comparable to any Lynch soundtracks?
20:43:57 dugpa I always think of Nadine talking with Mike when I hear this song.
20:44:03 djzombi was this track all the Nadine scenes?
20:44:09 JudeNO what a quack, what a wonderful character
20:44:10 Annie I do too
20:44:13 mexicymru It's kind of bizarre that Nadine's amnesia is one of the longest-running arcs in the entire show
20:44:18 youkilledmike a relationship for the ages
20:44:19 dugpa Some of the Blue Bob songs remind me of the Pink Room and Blue Frank tracks from FWWM
20:44:22 Jerry Horne Kinny Landrum and Angelo on keyboards
20:44:30 djzombi is this playing when she breaks the malted glass?
20:44:41 JudeNO when NAdine asks Donnna is it's OK that she's after mike
20:44:41 dugpa I think so.
20:44:41 Kim it might be a danish thing but this one reminds me of some corny family 60-70 year old birthday party, where a band is hired to play "easy listening music". not too bad though.
20:44:45 mexicymru think it might have been dj
20:44:47 Annie Thanks for knowing all this with the musicians
20:45:04 Jerry Horne Def. a 50's vibe
20:45:16 Leen I really like it, this is a really catchy, hummable 50s number
20:45:22 JudeNO when she did the weight machine too i think
20:45:24 djzombi OMG, what does she say as she's spinning and looking at her hand? that used to be one of my fave moments and I've gone blank
20:45:26 dugpa Next Track... Hayward Boogie
20:45:27 djzombi (as a fart)
20:45:32 Jerry Horne Played this for my dad and he said right away - the 50's
20:45:35 JudeNO ok, i hated this inclusion at first
20:45:38 Annie is this Nadine, too
20:45:42 mexicymru "I could just kiss you to death"
20:45:42 Jerry Horne Alicia!!!!
20:45:49 JudeNO but the more i hear it, i'm impressed by Alicia Witt's ability
20:45:50 djzombi before that...
20:45:55 Annie Oh yeah
20:46:08 JudeNO in her 'special dress'
20:46:08 Jerry Horne Alicia Witt star of 3 Lynch projects...
20:46:09 Leen Not keen on this music, but it brings back great memories of the episode
20:46:10 Annie did she play it live on the show?
20:46:15 djzombi My boyfriend thought this sounded like the beginning of American Bandstand
20:46:18 dugpa I'm not too fond of this track. It's a nice track but it doesn't hit as hard as some of the others.
20:46:29 djzombi I think parts sound like a take on "get happy"
20:46:32 Annie Agreed
20:46:36 youkilledmike my cousin used to play a song like this all the time as a kid.
20:46:41 djzombi I believe she did play it live on camera
20:46:45 JudeNO people have walked into my office while this was playing---and they leave confused
20:46:51 youkilledmike lol
20:46:54 djzombi lol
20:46:59 Kim does my head in :-)
20:47:06 amerikame both this and the last track are kind of derivative in the fact that they are playing off of established styles, but at the same time I find them quite enjoyable. Same goes with Drug Deal Blues. Very standard, but well executed and well placed within the show.
20:47:24 JudeNO as a piano player, i have to tell you-----this is HARD to perform
20:47:40 dugpa Next Track... Blue Frank
20:47:46 djzombi as a non-piano player, I have to say - I bet it is!
20:47:46 youkilledmike Now we have David Lynch the composer.
20:47:47 Annie All I can think of is Jean Renault
20:47:48 mexicymru Awesome
20:47:51 JudeNO ok, my happiest moment on this CD
20:47:55 Leen One of my favourites
20:47:55 JudeNO blank as a fart
20:47:57 dugpa Love the sonds of electricity in this one.
20:48:00 mexicymru true, Jude
20:48:02 djzombi Great to finally have this on disc!
20:48:04 amerikame that guitar riff is so lynchian
20:48:15 JudeNO all i can think of is being out of my mind on drugs
20:48:20 dugpa I absolutely love how much FWWM music was released.
20:48:21 JudeNO not that that's too cool
20:48:24 JudeNO but
20:48:25 Kim ahhh brings back good memories from the FWWM soundtrack
20:48:33 JudeNO how can you not expect a turkey dog
20:48:37 mexicymru yeah, the FWWM stuff is very, very good
20:48:40 Leen Yes, all the FWWM stuff was a surprise
20:48:42 Annie Why isn't FWWM all separate?
20:48:45 youkilledmike This song takes me right back to the scene.
20:48:55 Annie Sure does
20:49:03 djzombi all I can picture is that long shot of the strobes on the cigarettes and beer bottles strewn about on the floor
20:49:05 dugpa I think they wouldn't have enough tracks for a full CD.
20:49:10 Jerry Horne Should have got it's own release. I don't like to mix the two soundtracks together
20:49:14 Annie Really?
20:49:21 mexicymru aand then that dissolve into the pines and the mist...
20:49:27 dugpa I like to mix it up.
20:49:34 dugpa Plus there are some crossover songs.
20:49:41 JudeNO OMG, Is that DOnna Hayward
20:49:41 Annie Personally, I think Angelo is a better musician
20:49:47 Kim i agree, there's too much jumping back and forth on the soundtrack
20:49:55 djzombi true, Drug Deal Blues was in both
20:50:02 dugpa I do wish they would have disolved into Dark mood woods from this.
20:50:06 Leen I like the mixture - it makes a cohesive whole
20:50:15 youkilledmike awesome radiowave (?) sounds and noise in this
20:50:16 djzombi but in a perfect world I would have had a separate soundtrack for TP series and FWWM
20:50:22 JudeNO i'm just so happy to have these songs in any way i can get them
20:50:26 djzombi but heck, I'm just glad to have this stuff released!!
20:50:28 Annie dug--wasn't this the song that you blew out your neighbors?
20:50:32 dugpa me too.
20:50:38 mexicymru i missed the "instrumental" version of Sycamore Tress
20:50:40 JudeNO other than Deer Meadow---what else are we missing from FWWM
20:50:44 dugpa yup.
20:50:54 dugpa Neighboors don't like the dugpa much these days.
20:51:03 JudeNO lol dug
20:51:06 Kim hehe
20:51:10 JudeNO neither do the speakers in my car
20:51:16 djzombi ooch I bet
20:51:22 Leen I'm expecting complaints from my housemates tonight!
20:51:24 djzombi I had to turn the bass down on some of the tracks
20:51:28 Annie or my neighbors!!!!
20:51:33 JudeNO i love the whistle in the background
20:51:37 dugpa The Teresa Banks (Fat Trout Trailer) music and RR Swing
20:51:50 youkilledmike pink room on the way to work and blue frank upon return
20:52:05 dugpa I'm doing it with headphones. Mrs. dugpa no likey the music.
20:52:06 JudeNO i was so disappoiinted with FWWM soundtrack with the Pink Room w/o this track, so i'm so happy to have it
20:52:16 djzombi ditto
20:52:19 JudeNO lol dug-headphones on my head too
20:52:24 djzombi I thought it odd to have Pink Room and not this one
20:52:35 Jerry Horne Headphones all the way
20:52:47 dugpa Next Track... Audrey's Prayer
20:52:56 djzombi yay
20:52:56 Annie Ok, where did this come from?
20:53:07 JudeNO i like it, but i've heard Questions in so many forms
20:53:12 djzombi are you kidding? lol
20:53:20 Jerry Horne My Favorite track on the cd
20:53:20 mexicymru true
20:53:24 JudeNO but it brings back memories of 'Special AGent, Special Agent'''"
20:53:29 youkilledmike channeling her special agent
20:53:36 Annie how did it relate to Audrey?
20:53:38 Kim audrey's prayer is just beautiful. i prefer the FWWM to this one though
20:53:50 JudeNO anywhere else in the series? or just kinda throughout
20:53:54 djzombi OMG, is this a riff on Questions?!
20:53:58 dugpa The first time it played, was when Audrey was in One Eyed Jacks praying for her Special Agent
20:54:11 Annie thank you
20:54:11 amerikame I'm curious...did anyone else here use Twin Peaks music in their wedding?
20:54:11 Leen This is my favourite version of Questions
20:54:20 mexicymru it's played a lot later on in S2...
20:54:20 dugpa I did.
20:54:21 djzombi I never noticed!
20:54:22 JudeNO when Mgr. Briggs dream also?
20:54:30 amerikame what did you use?
20:54:33 Annie dugpa, you did?
20:54:57 dugpa Next Track... I'm Hurt Bad
20:54:59 JudeNO Laura's theme is PERFECT for a bride walking down the aisle, i played it at a wedding
20:55:03 amerikame I basically substitued the main theme for the traditional Pachabel's Canon at the beginning
20:55:05 youkilledmike freak out!!!
20:55:19 youkilledmike and then...
20:55:20 dugpa Yeah. I used Moving Through Time from FWWM as people were getting seated.
20:55:22 djzombi Okay, now what's with cutting I'm Hurt Bad short and having it turn into this other random part?
20:55:26 JudeNO i think we can all agree that we are cheated out of the longer version
20:55:32 Jerry Horne They screwed up here big time
20:55:33 dugpa We used a bunch of filmmusic.
20:55:36 djzombi I love Moving Through Time
20:55:37 mexicymru That must have been a creepy wedding, dug... :/
20:55:38 JudeNO no memories of Evelyn storyline were required
20:55:39 Annie yeah
20:55:43 amerikame yeah, that disappointed me
20:55:43 Leen This was the track I was most looking forward to hearing - this was the only disappointment on the album
20:55:43 dugpa Absolutely cheated.
20:55:46 djzombi LOL
20:56:03 dugpa Especially since it goes into the f*cking Malcolm Sloan theme.
20:56:05 Kim i'm hurt bad surprised me in a good way. Love the change from complete frenzy to "BOOM" silence...the rest of the song is a bit...well not so unimportant
20:56:09 amerikame this track shoulda been about twice as long
20:56:09 JudeNO what does one ahve to do with the other?!
20:56:14 djzombi I'm Hurt and Hookrug were the TWO tracks I was GAGA for, and I agree, we did get shorted
20:56:33 djzombi ugh I didn't realize this was the Mrs Marsh music
20:56:44 Jerry Horne and it's not even the best version of Malcom's theme!
20:56:46 Annie neither did i
20:56:54 JudeNO it's so painful to have to endure that storyline
20:56:59 dugpa I'm sure with the right editing, you could probably loop it to be extended whichis what they probably did on the Series.
20:57:10 djzombi not as bad as the Little Nicky storyline
20:57:11 youkilledmike Moving through Time is some of my favorite Badalamenti.
20:57:12 dugpa painful and embarassing. :)
20:57:13 mexicymru anyone ever edited the episodes to remove teh Marshes completely?
20:57:13 djzombi THAT was painful
20:57:19 JudeNO industrial symp had the full version, which may have been looped for all i know
20:57:30 JudeNO i want industrial symp on dvd
20:57:32 dugpa Next Track... Cop Beat
20:57:39 Annie me, too
20:57:43 mexicymru yay cop beat!
20:57:46 JudeNO ok, did this one have a specific time it was played
20:57:59 djzombi yeah, this doesn't sound familiar
20:58:02 Leen LOL - I'm sure there is a market for a special edition without the Marshes
20:58:02 JudeNO it seems like an amalgation of the TP vibe
20:58:05 mexicymru i couldn't remember
20:58:06 JudeNO which is fine with me
20:58:10 Jerry Horne I give them kudos for including an unreleased track - however there is nothing to relate to here
20:58:12 dugpa I don't think so. Not that I can remember.
20:58:12 djzombi familiar themes, but not the specific track
20:58:17 Annie LOL
20:58:22 JudeNO i still like it
20:58:26 djzombi it's OK
20:58:34 dugpa The drums remind me of Andy drums.
20:58:34 djzombi I'd rather have music that was actually used
20:58:35 Kim great little tune.
20:58:37 Annie It's short
20:58:44 JudeNO it's Crazy, is what it is.---all over the place, but that's its charm
20:58:44 Leen I don't understand why they've included an unreleased track, even if it is pretty good
20:58:53 mexicymru ...sdrawkcab gniyalp
20:59:08 Annie what??????????
20:59:10 JudeNO oh, maybe so mexi
20:59:20 dugpa maybe
20:59:31 dugpa Next Track... Harold's Theme
20:59:35 Annie I LOVE this song and wish it was longer--oh, Harold!!!!!
20:59:36 mexicymru i dunno. it's what LMFAP might be spinning
20:59:41 JudeNO L.O.V.E. it
20:59:46 JudeNO esp the opening
20:59:52 djzombi Okay, Harold's Theme to me is VERY different from a lot of what was on in the show, but I think it's spooky
20:59:55 Jerry Horne This one surprised me - very good
21:00:00 mexicymru i love that tubular bell sound
21:00:02 JudeNO what IS that instrument that starts the downward bell-sound
21:00:02 djzombi and love it :)
21:00:09 Annie can't remember it in the show, tho
21:00:19 Kim love the sounds used on this one. reminds me of something...that i can't remember what is!?
21:00:24 JudeNO omg, orchads, orchards
21:00:25 dugpa Sad to say, every time I hear this song, I remember watching the DVDand seeing the blood on harolds face before he rakes it.
21:00:29 youkilledmike How I like my keypads.
21:00:38 djzombi oh, I know
21:00:45 mexicymru reminds me of the sound of Moving Through Time, which is apparently sometimes played at weddings...
21:00:48 djzombi that shot of the rake really ruined the character/arc for me
21:00:52 djzombi it was sooo bad!
21:00:59 dugpa Sweet Dreams by the Eurithmics
21:01:00 Jerry Horne What surprised me the other night is realizing they used this for Dugie's death!!
21:01:02 mexicymru :/
21:01:05 JudeNO anyone have incidents where non-TP fans hear the music and are captivated?
21:01:15 dugpa Next Track... Barber Shop
21:01:18 JudeNO omg, Dugie's death--didn't even realize!
21:01:22 Annie now this was just not necessary
21:01:23 JudeNO ugh,
21:01:27 JudeNO yeah, why
21:01:38 mexicymru it's short....
21:01:44 JudeNO it's interesting to listen to, but a waste of space in my opinion
21:01:54 Kim agree
21:01:54 Jerry Horne I think it does a good job of splitting up the cd
21:01:56 Leen I like this - it keeps in with the 50s vibe on some of the other tracks
21:02:07 mexicymru point taken, Leen
21:02:20 amerikame yeah, I'd rather have the acoustic guitar version of the main theme...when Ben is watching the old family film reels at the Great Northern
21:02:21 dugpa yeah. nice to have but not critical to the collection.
21:02:23 youkilledmike yes, I agree with Jerry
21:02:28 JudeNO there is something to be said in the RANDOMness that this song appeared...maybe that's its charm
21:02:39 dugpa Next Track... Night Bells
21:02:48 djzombi speaking of splitting up the CD, what's with the back cover of the CD printing the track listing as if it were an LP?
21:02:48 JudeNO oh yeah
21:02:54 mexicymru thought i'd like this more
21:02:56 Annie good song
21:03:09 JudeNO Laura's straight-face that explodes into a nasal laughter
21:03:09 dugpa Bobby... You Killed Mike
21:03:12 JudeNO all-time favorite FWWM moment
21:03:15 mexicymru i like the textures i the show, but i don't find it interesting tio listen to i isolation
21:03:19 Leen Jusr the initial opening sound of this track evokes the series - just the very first note!
21:03:41 Jerry Horne Nice little booklet though - was expecting less
21:04:01 Annie Yes, very cool
21:04:04 Kim yeah it feels a bit dull when it's on its own legs
21:04:11 JudeNO did anyone notice the sign in the cop station coffee room---about making a new pot if you take the last cup---had never noticed it before
21:04:27 JudeNO in the booklet
21:04:28 youkilledmike He really did look like mike.
21:04:29 dugpa no, I never noticed it.
21:04:33 Annie of course, just common courtesy
21:04:40 Jerry Horne Where is the 7-disc box set with ALL remaining tracks???
21:04:50 mexicymru lol, Jerry
21:04:55 dugpa At Angelo's house.
21:05:02 djzombi hah!
21:05:04 Jerry Horne Let's go get it!!!!
21:05:05 Leen I keep expecting something else to kick in on this track but it doesn't...
21:05:07 Annie can you borrow it?
21:05:17 youkilledmike Great atmosphere.
21:05:21 Annie Ooh, it's you and I
21:05:25 dugpa Next Song... Just You
21:05:27 mexicymru Death to James.
21:05:34 djzombi this sounds like stuff used in the Red Room too
21:05:38 Annie I like James
21:05:40 Jerry Horne all hit ff right now!
21:05:42 JudeNO ok, we know it HAD to be included
21:05:42 djzombi (not Just You - Night Bells)
21:05:47 Annie don't hurt me
21:05:54 JudeNO but i find i like it more now than I did then
21:06:00 mexicymru Wow, Annie, I've never heard anyone say that... :/
21:06:00 djzombi I always thought James was dreamy
21:06:16 amerikame for some reason I really took to this song the first time I heard it on the show
21:06:17 Annie she's full of surprises
21:06:26 JudeNO is it really performed by James/Sheryl/Lara
21:06:30 djzombi I did too
21:06:34 Kim Just You and I - What a classic! Loved this song from the beginning. I figured out how to play this on guitar the other day...
21:06:39 jlyon1515 joins My room
21:06:41 Leen I think an instrumental version would have been better
21:06:41 mexicymru my!
21:06:44 djzombi yes, it really was performed by them according to the liner notes
21:06:56 Annie Hi Jared
21:07:00 youkilledmike I love how the drums are in this song. But no drums in the scene!
21:07:01 mexicymru i love Sheryl Lee in this scene
21:07:05 jlyon1515 hey all
21:07:07 dugpa Hey Jared. Synch your CD to Track 13, 1:50
21:07:08 djzombi me too
21:07:16 djzombi I think the scene worked great
21:07:21 JudeNO Sheryl's wink that's not a wink
21:07:22 jlyon1515 James Marshall talked about Just You at the fest he attended a couple years ago
21:07:25 amerikame Doesn't Bob appear shortly after they finish the song?
21:07:26 djzombi am in the minority on that?!
21:07:30 Annie then james had a nice voice????????
21:07:31 mexicymru unless you hate James and his singing ruins the whole thing for you....
21:07:37 JudeNO yes, scariest bob moment, climbing over the couch
21:07:45 djzombi YES!
21:07:46 amerikame yeah, that freaked me out
21:07:53 jlyon1515 (I don't even have my CD handy Dugpa :( Just thought I'd pop in anyway :)
21:07:57 djzombi freaked the HELL out of me!
21:07:59 dugpa I loved the scene.
21:08:09 djzombi jlyon, we're listening to Just You
21:08:12 Annie me, too
21:08:26 dugpa no worries. :)
21:08:28 JudeNO i've been known to climb over couches to scare my fellow TP-friends
21:08:28 Kim THE most scary scene ever
21:08:30 jlyon1515 Apparently, at the last minute Angelo changed the song up a register, forcing James to sing in falcetto, and thus, make teh song a bit wonky
21:08:54 djzombi same here, Jude - and they always know what I'm doing and it takes them back to that scene and freaks 'em out
21:08:55 amerikame when I saw The Ring, the slow, steady crawl of the "whatever-it-was" reminded of Bob from that scene
21:08:59 dugpa Next Song... Drug Deal Blues
21:09:00 Kim i've got another version of it in another key
21:09:01 Jerry Horne Not the scariest scene for me...
21:09:04 jlyon1515 James is a really nice down to earth guy in real life
21:09:07 Leen The high register gives it a kind of innocent sound
21:09:23 JudeNO this inclusion makes me the happiest
21:09:34 Jerry Horne Some great playing here
21:09:42 JudeNO Laura's idiotic behavior, her facial expressions, the pine cone
21:09:44 JudeNO love it all
21:09:44 djzombi all it reminds me of is the scene when Leo comes back - scary as all hell
21:09:50 youkilledmike the blues are brewin'
21:09:52 Annie this timing I remember
21:09:53 mexicymru great guitar-work... doesn't feel Peaksy to me though
21:10:00 djzombi with the cake on his face..."Shelly..."
21:10:04 Leen A great piece in its own right, but it is not one of the tracks which instantly evokes TP for me
21:10:04 Jerry Horne Yes! Great scene!!
21:10:23 Jerry Horne When the lights go out and the record player slows down...
21:10:30 djzombi yeah, love it!
21:10:31 mexicymru oh, is this played in the woods in FWWM, too?
21:10:37 jlyon1515 The location where the deputy gets shot, it still looks the same... you can find it by looking for the two different tree stumps
21:10:44 Annie yes?
21:10:44 djzombi yeah, it's on their radio in FWWM I think
21:10:45 mexicymru when Bobby and Laura go meet the Deputy?
21:11:15 jlyon1515 yeah, when bobby and Laura go to meet the deputy
21:11:17 djzombi yeah, but the track reminds me more of its appearance in the series
21:11:26 djzombi I think it's great that he recycled it for FWWM though
21:11:28 Jerry Horne Same here
21:11:30 youkilledmike brilliant. through the radio i mean.
21:11:30 djzombi ties them in more
21:11:33 mexicymru i totally forgott about that
21:11:45 Jerry Horne bobby and Shelly in the car
21:11:53 JudeNO bobby and shelley change the radio station
21:11:55 Jerry Horne Rambler?
21:12:05 Leen I agree, reusing the music is a good idea to knit the film and series together
21:12:10 dugpa Next Track... Audrey
21:12:17 al joins My room
21:12:23 JudeNO this Audrey one confused me
21:12:25 Annie Very nice
21:12:27 amerikame the percussion on this track is fantastic
21:12:28 dugpa Hey All.
21:12:36 JudeNO the One-Eyed Jacks parts i get, but the rest....?
21:12:41 djzombi I love the percusion on this too
21:12:44 dugpa We're on track 15 if you want to synch up.
21:12:47 Jerry Horne they should have used a cleaner version of this
21:12:58 djzombi yeah, how is this Audrey?
21:13:06 Jerry Horne Audrey's secret passage
21:13:09 djzombi Freshly Squeezed is far more Audrey ;)
21:13:10 mexicymru rescue scene?
21:13:11 Jerry Horne jlyon1515 quit (timeout)
21:13:11 Annie where was a cleaner one?
21:13:14 amerikame that and the left--right crossfade of the vibes
21:13:22 dugpa I guess when Audrey is at OEJ.
21:13:22 Leen It sounds like too much is packed in here
21:13:23 JudeNO when Ben came into her room, there was a variation of the downward flute
21:13:44 Jerry Horne Think when Audrey first uses that secret passage
21:13:45 al hello all - at work, but will be getting the cd later this afternoon for $30 - should i grab it, even for this amount or wait and order online?
21:13:46 mexicymru loved that scene, Jude
21:13:52 djzombi that flute-ish part (is it a flute?) was used in a lot of "mysterious" scenes thoughout
21:14:00 mexicymru creepy foreshadowing of WKLP
21:14:01 JudeNO this is the stuff that dreams are made of
21:14:02 djzombi $30?!?!
21:14:09 amerikame whoa, what country?
21:14:09 Annie depends on how bad you want it
21:14:27 Leen or how soon you want it!
21:14:30 al Annie quit (timeout)
21:14:39 JudeNO the ending note was awesome
21:14:40 dugpa up to you. I would have paid $100 for it but it really depends on how bad you want to hear the CD
21:14:49 al just wanted to see what you all were thinking so far - i knew it would be incredible - gold set comes out in oz in 5 days! ahhh!
21:14:50 dugpa Next TRack... Josie and Truman
21:14:50 JudeNO oh yeah, Josie
21:14:52 Jerry Horne that more music i want - the whole rescue sequence from One Eyed Jacks...
21:15:06 Annie I did not quit
21:15:08 JudeNO also played when Cooper and Wheeler discuss love
21:15:20 mexicymru good call Jude
21:15:23 Annie Oh, sorry, this is my all time FAVORITE song
21:15:25 JudeNO the vibes really shocked me
21:15:28 djzombi ah, the drunken montage
21:15:30 mexicymru wow, you guys are great at picking out other sources
21:15:38 Annie I love the vibes
21:15:49 Kim nice and mellow!
21:15:58 Jerry Horne Was this used when Harry was drunk?
21:16:04 mexicymru It belongs on "The Love Boat" :)
21:16:07 Annie I could listen to an entire album of this
21:16:07 al oh, i really want it bad - after 17 years from feb 22, 1991 (pilot on oz tv for first time)
21:16:13 Leen I like this track, but I suspect I wouldn't like it if it wasn't Peaks-related
21:16:18 Annie Love boat--LOL
21:16:22 dugpa Maybe when Cooper talks to him. Don't remember.
21:16:41 djzombi yeah, this was used over the first scene in the post-Josie-death ep
21:16:43 Annie Reminds me of great jazz
21:16:45 Jerry Horne I'm up to episode 20 - more tonight
21:16:47 dugpa Then give yourself a gift al. :)
21:16:50 mexicymru It was the openeing sequence where he's filling th glass
21:17:01 JudeNO i feel like there were other times this was used
21:17:04 djzombi the co-star credits roll over a montage of memories of Josie, I believe, right?
21:17:08 al every day, once a day - just let it happen - i hear ya
21:17:08 djzombi (been a while)
21:17:09 Jerry Horne I always think of it as Cooper and JJW
21:17:23 JudeNO oh yeah, another request for next CD--Lucy and Lana's Miss Twin Peaks dances
21:17:28 Jerry Horne dj - yes i remember now
21:17:31 dugpa I think so djzombi
21:17:45 Jerry Horne Lana's Jazz Exotica!
21:17:46 Annie Good idea
21:17:54 djzombi OMG contortionistic jazz exotica!!
21:18:02 al great site by the way, dugpa - very much looking for to the gold box review - i visit the site daily...
21:18:07 djzombi that NEEDS to be on another disc
21:18:10 JudeNO Doc Hayward stating those words <-hilarious
21:18:16 Jerry Horne I recorded that audio of the laserdisc!
21:18:28 djzombi LOL jude
21:18:40 mexicymru I still want the ridiculous "Norwegians Are Leaving" music
21:18:41 dugpa review will be up probably next week. Goingto post another interview first.
21:18:45 djzombi yet there was no contortion, jazz, or exotica
21:18:59 mexicymru or norwegians
21:18:59 dugpa Next Track... Hook Rug Dance
21:19:00 Jerry Horne Just wait for my 'In Defense of Lana' thread!
21:19:01 JudeNO true, djzombi
21:19:05 djzombi OMG mexi, that goofy music
21:19:12 mexicymru weeee!
21:19:16 Annie So cute!!
21:19:16 mexicymru ha ha, it rocks
21:19:25 djzombi Hook Rug Dance = my favorite FAVORITE theme from the show
21:19:34 JudeNO ok, obviously i know the scene that this was played, but was it ever used again?
21:19:39 mexicymru "what's become of us, Jerry?"
21:19:43 Jerry Horne Top 3 track from cd for me
21:19:48 Annie I've been playing this in my head for a week now?
21:19:54 djzombi it was used during the penguin joke scene, right?
21:19:57 Jerry Horne Bunk Beds!
21:20:00 al sensational news - i recently loss my ability to listen to anything in 5.1, but the dolby 2.0 will be more than good enough for the peaks
21:20:01 Leen One of the best scenes and one of the best tracks!
21:20:02 dugpa yup
21:20:09 djzombi with Heather Graham's buck teeth
21:20:10 Annie Of course, Jerry, it's Your song!
21:20:10 djzombi lol
21:20:11 mexicymru i'd like the "Twin Peaks" theme as played when Ben's watching the old film
21:20:13 JudeNO ah! i think you're write
21:20:21 JudeNO right, duh
21:20:43 amerikame I'm with you there, mexicymru
21:20:47 Jerry Horne That was Beymer's favorite scene
21:20:48 dugpa The kid that played young Ben Horne looks exactly like my dad when he was younger.
21:20:49 mexicymru what's the name of the girl dancing on the rug?
21:20:58 mexicymru Beymer was *awesome* in that scene
21:21:01 JudeNO Louise Dumbrowski
21:21:02 djzombi Louise Dembrowski?
21:21:08 djzombi lol jinx jude
21:21:12 Annie actress
21:21:14 mexicymru nothing gets by you guys :)
21:21:16 al once question though - the track that bad boy bobby plays, as he exits the double 4 to the lovely ladies is not the full version, is that right?
21:21:18 JudeNO lol, great minds
21:21:26 Leen I love the way the scene is so unnecessary yet so brilliant
21:21:27 Jerry Horne Those kids were great! Where are they now?
21:21:34 Test9 joins My room
21:21:37 djzombi al - that's right
21:21:40 djzombi unfortunately
21:21:43 dugpa Next Track... Packard's Vibration
21:21:45 Annie More cools vibes
21:21:49 mexicymru and then he does shadow puppets... lol
21:21:54 dugpa Hey Test9
21:21:56 djzombi I always hated how the flashlight on the Horne kids looked
21:22:00 JudeNO the Andrew Packard revelation---really got me
21:22:10 mexicymru Packards!!!
21:22:11 djzombi I was floored!
21:22:15 mexicymru Love this theme
21:22:17 djzombi love the vibes!!!
21:22:22 djzombi love love love it
21:22:23 Annie can you remember where it is in the show?
21:22:23 Jerry Horne This mix does work. Love this track
21:22:26 mexicymru love the persistent pulse
21:22:31 JudeNO Catherine Martell--oh wowee, what a character and an actress
21:22:40 Kim first part of the song is amazing - second part not
21:22:42 dugpa I like this Theme more now than when hearing it onthe Series.
21:22:44 Annie She was great
21:22:48 JudeNO ", in the cake saver."
21:22:51 Leen Not sure about the mix here
21:22:56 djzombi and the sinister synth/strings
21:22:59 Jerry Horne 'Put on your little maids hat' !!!!
21:23:02 mexicymru I didn't realize the significance of Pete being married to a "Catherine"
21:23:05 djzombi LOL jerry
21:23:19 djzombi "We'll keep it here - in the cake saver - in plain sight!"
21:23:52 djzombi mexi - what's the significance - ?
21:24:03 mexicymru that he was married to Catherine Coulson
21:24:11 dugpa Next Track... Half Heart
21:24:13 djzombi oh!
21:24:15 JudeNO i never knew that
21:24:17 mexicymru hence the disdain in his voice... "Cathy...."
21:24:24 JudeNO Half Heart--beautiful
21:24:28 djzombi okay, when was this used?
21:24:29 mexicymru Check out "You Don't Kno Jack"
21:24:33 mexicymru it's fantastic
21:24:39 Kim Half heart is probably my favourite on this soundtrack - so beautiful
21:24:42 Annie but very sad
21:24:43 JudeNO but i will forever associate it with Laura Palmer's sudden nudity on film!!!
21:24:52 mexicymru laura and james in the changing room
21:24:53 dugpa FWWM.... Turkey in the Corn scene
21:24:55 al i know its a decidedly skewed audience here, but passion always prevails - the disc is mine for $30 - amazon will take weeks and i need to share the passion felt here - cheers for the thoughts everyone
21:24:58 djzombi oh..
21:24:58 mexicymru gobble.... gobble gobble
21:25:00 mexicymru :(
21:25:09 dugpa What's up with the Turker references in FWWM?
21:25:12 dugpa Turkey
21:25:16 Leen This is the style of music that I associate most with TP - though not this track specifically
21:25:27 Annie cheers al!
21:25:36 djzombi the sax seems weird to me though
21:25:37 Leen al - good decision!
21:25:54 JudeNO btw, what do we think abou the CD cover
21:25:55 Annie Turkeys are the dumbest birds on the planet
21:26:00 JudeNO i foudn it underwhelming
21:26:08 mexicymru it looked... dated
21:26:15 Leen I really don't like the cover
21:26:20 Jerry Horne Could have been much better
21:26:23 djzombi I think it's fine
21:26:37 djzombi especially the back cover
21:26:38 Leen It actually took ages for me to notice the Man from Another Place on there!
21:26:45 Annie Yes, could have been better, but it's all we got
21:26:56 JudeNO someone else had to point him out for me...never noticed him
21:26:59 mexicymru oh! i didn't see the LMFAP!
21:27:05 Jerry Horne It's all we got for now...
21:27:12 djzombi I didn't notice him at first either
21:27:23 Annie Jerry, are you making new CD covers?
21:27:26 djzombi hey, I didn't get the cd for the packaging though ;)
21:27:26 Leen I don't really mind what CD covers are like - but it seems like a missed opportunity with such rich source material available to the designer
21:27:48 mexicymru serious, Leen
21:27:49 djzombi well, we did get the booklet of pics
21:28:03 JudeNO i was suprised with the booklet, loved it
21:28:10 Annie Hell, we got the MUSIC!
21:28:10 Jerry Horne No, someone posted a nice one on the Gazette i think
21:28:12 Kim what are they like?
21:28:15 jlyon1515 youkilledmike quit (timeout)
21:28:15 Jerry Horne youkilledmike quit (timeout)
21:28:39 djzombi the pic of leland dying opposite the pic of Bob/the Lodge freaks me out
21:28:44 Jerry Horne booklet is great - much nicer than i thought it would be
21:28:49 djzombi it's like he's being sucked into the Lodge
21:29:11 Jerry Horne Only had seen a few of those pics before
21:29:31 mexicymru that was beautiful
21:29:35 Kim are there also "backstage" type of pics?
21:29:38 dugpa al quit (timeout)
21:29:42 dugpa Next Track... Laura's Dark Boogie
21:29:43 JudeNO agreed
21:29:47 Leen Yes indeed - it's good that they didn't go for just the 'obvious' pictures
21:29:49 djzombi same here, and a couple appear to be alternate shots from sessions where a photo became a well-cerculated publicity shot
21:29:52 JudeNO loved that this was included
21:29:54 mexicymru Love the scene....
21:30:02 djzombi there's only two "backstage" pics I noted
21:30:04 JudeNO Mrs. Tremont's beckoning---creEPY!
21:30:14 mexicymru This really evokes the whole feeling of FWWM
21:30:19 youkilledmike I am so thankful for all the fwwm on this cd.
21:30:36 Jerry Horne I wish Lynch would publish a book of all his private Twin Peaks photos - same for Beymer
21:30:37 djzombi "I can't do meals on wheels today, Shelly...I JUST CAN'T!!!!"
21:30:57 Leen Great scene, but I am not sure how well the music stands up on its own
21:31:06 JudeNO the man behind the mask is looking for the book with the pages torn out..he is under the fan now
21:31:09 Annie agreed
21:31:17 mexicymru The grandon's mask is one of the few things that truly disyturbed me ina film for the last... 15 years
21:31:22 youkilledmike background. late night.
21:31:34 JudeNO the beginning is great, the rest is filler to me
21:31:45 djzombi I'll play it out my windows next halloween
21:31:52 Jerry Horne The mask and what was behind it...
21:32:04 mexicymru I'm playing "Just You" on Hallowe'en
21:32:09 mexicymru creepy stuff
21:32:16 JudeNO is Frances Bey still alive? i heard she got hit by a car?
21:32:16 Leen LOL
21:32:22 Annie LOL, you guys
21:32:34 mexicymru The jumping man's mask...
21:32:34 mexicymru eeks
21:32:48 Kim JudeNO - i think your comment is spot on and it goes (unfortunately) with too many songs on this CD IMO
21:32:52 Jerry Horne Someone on the board is making a film with her and she posted a pic with her - check it out
21:33:03 mexicymru yeah, it's "texture" not music?
21:33:04 Annie I think she is alive and was in the news recently
21:33:10 JudeNO "you're not just a pretty face with a ****ing smile--you're here to make mr. reindeer happy
21:33:10 JudeNO
21:33:21 Annie Sorry, yea listen to Jerry
21:33:41 Annie JudeNO--I love your comments
21:33:47 Jerry Horne Did you see the pic Annie?
21:33:50 mexicymru uhh, what was that JudeNO?
21:33:57 JudeNO Wild at Heart
21:33:59 dugpa Frances Bay is still alive.
21:34:03 youkilledmike I love the freeform nature of this.
21:34:07 Annie Yes!
21:34:10 mexicymru wow, i don'tt remember that at all
21:34:13 dugpa Met her once. Very cool lady.
21:34:15 youkilledmike drum fills.
21:34:30 Annie cool-got a picture?
21:34:34 JudeNO this song goes on a little too long,but if you get lost in it, who cares
21:34:36 djzombi is this really music-?
21:34:45 Leen It's too freeform for me!
21:34:48 JudeNO it's creepsville
21:34:56 JudeNO oh.
21:34:56 djzombi lol
21:34:57 amerikame youkilledmike quit (timeout)
21:34:57 JudeNO yes.
21:34:58 mexicymru Love this...
21:35:02 Annie OK, it's sound effects from the movie;
21:35:03 JudeNO thank GOD for this track
21:35:03 dugpa Next Track... Dark Mood Woods The Red Room
21:35:12 Jerry Horne JACKPOT!!!!!
21:35:15 djzombi speaking of background
21:35:20 Annie if we're lucky, David will do one for IE
21:35:22 JudeNO Whyndam Earl theme + pure bliss
21:35:29 djzombi I CANNOT believe this track was included on the disc
21:35:36 youkilledmike I think Angelo dug deep for this.
21:35:36 Annie well, I guess he already did
21:35:43 mexicymru awesome
21:35:49 Annie and it's hard to keep track of
21:35:49 djzombi I would have never have thought it would have been released commercially - bravo!
21:35:50 JudeNO i CANNOT believe that it's 9 minutes long----i'm so tickled
21:36:03 Jerry Horne Final episode is so amazing!
21:36:08 youkilledmike exactly! Let it ride........
21:36:19 djzombi it's not the most...shall we say...accessible piece
21:36:23 Annie Do you rmember the first time you watched it?
21:36:35 djzombi I was glued to the edge of my seat
21:36:36 Jerry Horne of course!!
21:36:41 djzombi I couldn't believe my eyes
21:36:44 Annie Glued to the tv
21:36:44 Jerry Horne Black teeth!!!!!!
21:36:47 Leen It was the first Lynch film I ever watched
21:37:12 JudeNO tell me the truth--
21:37:21 JudeNO when you're listening to this track
21:37:34 JudeNO do you find yourself thinking 'WOULD YOU LIKE SOME COFFEE"
21:37:35 JudeNO etc
21:37:36 JudeNO etc
21:37:45 djzombi DOPPELGANGER
21:37:51 Annie sure
21:37:56 djzombi and WATCH OUT...FOR MY COUSIN
21:38:08 JudeNO Meanwhile
21:38:09 Jerry Horne We had at least 10 people over watching every episode during the initial run with coffee and cherry pie - classic
21:38:16 mexicymru Annie?
21:38:20 Annie are you currently drinking coffee?
21:38:23 djzombi who's Annie?
21:38:27 JudeNO Leland's backwards laugh in the hallway
21:38:27 djzombi It's me..
21:38:36 youkilledmike hot apple cider here.
21:38:43 Annie who's annie or how's annie
21:38:46 djzombi OMG, screaming banshee doppelganger Laura scared the pants off me
21:38:59 Leen ditto
21:39:05 JudeNO hated Frank Silva's not-as-backwards-speech as the rest of the actors
21:39:07 jlyon1515 youkilledmike quit (timeout)
21:39:17 djzombi me too, Jude
21:39:21 djzombi what was up with that?
21:39:26 mexicymru Coop isn't backwards at all in the whole scene, is it?
21:39:38 JudeNO no
21:39:45 djzombi the sound of Coop's footsteps is backwards, I think
21:39:49 djzombi but I could be wrong
21:39:51 mexicymru right
21:40:01 JudeNO i think so
21:40:02 mexicymru "I will" was forwards, though, right?
21:40:09 djzombi yes
21:40:10 Annie yes
21:40:10 jay joins My room
21:40:13 JudeNO yes
21:40:17 djzombi all his speach was forwards
21:40:22 djzombi er, speech
21:40:25 Annie Hi jay
21:40:41 djzombi as was BOB's :P
21:40:47 Kim jay quit (timeout)
21:40:52 Kim some of the details you guys can blows me away!
21:40:53 djzombi though it shouldn't have been
21:40:59 Annie scared him away
21:41:11 mexicymru Fell a victim
21:41:16 Annie these people are amazing
21:41:18 JudeNO Kim, it comes from watching and re-watching and re-watching with newbies
21:41:30 Annie it's the dugpa gang
21:41:30 mexicymru Mmm, fresh newbies
21:41:33 JudeNO EE-lec-tric-ity was one of my fave's
21:41:35 djzombi no kidding
21:41:56 dugpa some of your friends are reer
21:42:02 mexicymru "Fell a victim" is prolly one of my favourite lines. It's almost sad
21:42:03 djzombi LOL dugpa!!
21:42:14 Jerry Horne Fell a (Fellow) victim?
21:42:24 Annie Hmmmm
21:42:34 mexicymru I thought that it was that he had fallen a victim
21:42:45 youkilledmike The wind through the trees...
21:42:46 djzombi re: newbies - unfortunately that means I've seen the first Season-and-a-half more than the rest of the series
21:42:58 mexicymru as had Leland "when he was still young and innocent"
21:43:11 djzombi hooray for this end part of the track
21:43:13 djzombi with the synth
21:43:27 Annie could be, but I like Jerry's interpretation
21:43:45 dugpa Next Track... Love Theme Farewell
21:43:48 djzombi I remember this was played over the season-end recap Coop narrated
21:43:48 mexicymru is the grandon a victim?
21:43:54 youkilledmike The synth warbles are haunting.
21:44:03 Annie grandson?
21:44:10 Annie don't think so
21:44:13 JudeNO did anyone else experiecne problems ripping the final track to hard drive?
21:44:26 Annie didn't try
21:44:29 Jerry Horne nope
21:44:31 djzombi I'm listening to it on my PC now
21:44:34 djzombi sounds fine
21:44:39 mexicymru worked for me fine on Linux
21:44:52 Jerry Horne got it to itunes just fine
21:45:01 JudeNO i hate skips, etc
21:45:17 djzombi I ripped it to my PC with Vista just fine
21:45:30 djzombi amerikame quit (timeout)
21:45:35 Jerry Horne I want another cd!!!!!!!
21:45:36 mexicymru are there toomany versions of this across the various CDs?
21:45:47 amerikame
21:45:52 amerikame .
21:46:01 JudeNO guys, i've had a BLASTdoing this with you guys...nice to know we are out there, campaigning for MORE MORE MORE
21:46:04 youkilledmike wonderful.
21:46:06 Kim great ending
21:46:07 djzombi now, is this final track original material?
21:46:08 dugpa Need more music
21:46:09 Annie Me too!
21:46:16 mexicymru yay, fun
21:46:24 Jerry Horne thanks Dugpa!!!!
21:46:26 nate joins My room
21:46:26 djzombi this was way fun!
21:46:28 CherryPieLover1 joins My room
21:46:30 Leen Great. What an unexpected treat this CD was. Roll on the next one.
21:46:35 JudeNO i'm going to retire for the evening, TOTALLY way fun
21:46:38 dugpa Thanks everyone for dropping by tonight!
21:46:39 mexicymru mexicymru
21:46:41 JudeNO g'nite folks
21:46:42 Annie Hey you guys who aren't members of dugpa, please come on over and join us!
21:46:44 mexicymru night
21:46:48 CherryPieLover1 i keep missing the fun.......
21:46:48 youkilledmike yes! thank you for everything gracious host!
21:46:55 Leen Thanks for organising this
21:46:56 djzombi nighty night Jude
21:46:59 Kim it's been really interesting reading all the comments. had a great time although i started to feel a little tired towards the end. it's nearly 6am here now (in denmark). so goodnight/day/evening whereever you are!
21:47:05 Annie That was really fun!
21:47:10 Leen nate quit (timeout)
21:47:34 Jerry Horne Congrats Kim! Have good dreams!!
21:47:39 Jerry Horne youkilledmike quit (timeout)
21:47:44 djzombi wonderful to listen to the CD straight through again with people who "get it"
21:47:48 mexicymru night!
21:47:51 Annie Leen quit (timeout)
21:47:55 Annie night kim
21:48:12 Hcnyldivad joins My room
21:48:19 Jerry Horne Watching episodes next! I think that would be fun here!
21:48:27 Kim Night night!
21:48:35 CherryPieLover1 sorry i missed the ran late........i love my DVD gold set!!!
21:48:37 Annie Did you recommend that on the board, Jerry?
21:48:41 CherryPieLover1 back up to episode 11!
21:48:45 dugpa This was a lot of fun.
21:48:52 nate does anyone know about any easter eggs on the gold box set?
21:48:52 Jerry Horne Dugpa did
21:48:59 Hcnyldivad Annie quit (timeout)
21:49:01 mexicymru thanks, it was nice to meet you all!
21:49:07 dugpa No easter eggs found so far.
21:49:09 CherryPieLover1 easter egss?
21:49:14 CherryPieLover1 eggs?
21:49:19 CherryPieLover1 what was the idea?
21:49:21 Jerry Horne bye Mexi
21:49:23 amerikame Kim quit (timeout)
21:49:29 nate hidden extras on the dvds
21:49:31 dugpa Great meeting all of you.
21:49:35 mexicymru mexicymru quit
21:49:35 mexicymru Hcnyldivad quit (timeout)
21:49:38 Annie bye guys
21:49:41 CherryPieLover1 o i c
21:49:44 dugpa To get everyone here to watch the pilot while chatting. :)
21:49:48 CherryPieLover1 haven't been through them all yet
21:50:13 jlyon1515 hmmm, I never even though about easter eggs
21:50:13 Annie But don't you want to watch the pilot in silence?
21:50:16 CherryPieLover1 the postcards were a nice touch
21:50:25 dugpa I got to get going. Have to get some work done before I go to bed. Thanks again everyone.
21:50:32 dugpa dugpa quit
21:50:34 CherryPieLover1 but i can't get myself to buy a second collection just to get dups!!
21:50:37 jlyon1515 would be cool to find some
21:50:39 Annie Thanks, B.
21:50:45 jlyon1515 THank YOU dugpa
21:50:49 Annie Good night people!
21:50:56 Jerry Horne Jerry Horne quit
21:50:56 youkilledmike You all take care. See you in the trees!
21:51:08 jlyon1515 jlyon1515 quit
21:51:14 djzombi good night everyone!
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Postby MysteryMan » Fri Nov 09, 2007 4:42 pm

Wow, Dugpa, Wow!! Thanks a lot for posting the transcript. Was an interesting read hearing your views on the various tracks. However today I received the CD - yay - and here is my review.....

Love Theme Intro: good introduction, although would have preferred a new version of the Twin Peaks Theme as the opener. Like the way the song mixes with other TP tunes in the beginning. (6 out of 10)

Shelly: One of my favourite songs from one of my favourite scenes of the second season. Was this ever used again? Doesn't get much better than this, near-perfection (9 out of 10)

New Shoes: another great song that defines the mood of the second season. It doesn't touch me as much as the previous song but still one of the better songs on this soundtrack (8 out of 10)

High School Swing: Qute, innocent, adorable. Such a simple tune but very powerful. A feel-good song. Makes me think of young love and Nadine Hurley!! (9 out of 10)

Hayward Boogie: This was never a favourite of mine but still enjoyable. Very different from anything else on the CD. (7 out of 10)

Blue Frank: First FWWM song on the CD. I think I find this song too similar to The Pink Room from the original FWWM to enjoy it to the max. Brings back memories to the scene it was used. Anyone know why it's called Blue Frank? (7 out of 10)

Audrey's Prayer: the love theme of the second season. This is a song I grew to love the more times I heard it in the series. Very touching and beautiful. Can't help but think about the scene between Audrey and Cooper in episode 15. One of my absolute favourites (10 out of 10)

I'm Hurt Bad: It starts out fantastic, love the opener, but then it fades into something...erm...slightly disappointing. Pity. (6 out of 10)

Cop Beat: Don't think this was used in the movie or series. Not a terrible song but doesn't stand out either. One that could be avoided. (4 out of 10)

Harold's Theme: Beautiful, sensitive, dreamy, mysterious. Great song, only wished it had been longer. It is too short to make a lasting impression. Can't help but think of poor Harold Smith (8 out of 10)

Barbershop: Hmmm..... Again completely different from anything else on the CD. Not sure if that is in a positive way or not. Of course the beginning of episode 9 comes to mind, hence the reason for the inclusion on this CD I suppose. One of the songs I will be temped to skip. (5 out of 10)

Night Bells: Guitar riffs. The scene with Bobby and Laura in the woods in FWWM comes to mind. Not much of a song except these guitar sounds. Still enjoyable, and sets the mood. (6 out of 10)

Just You: One of my favourite moments and songs in the series. Fantastic to finally be able to have this on CD. The singing voices of James Marshall, Lara Flynn Boyle and Sheryl Lee's are maybe not the best (you can see/hear why they are actors and not singers) but it doesn't matter. Sweet. (9 out of 10)

Drug Deal Blues: Some 50's rock.... Great tune. Imagine this would be a great song to do your housecleaning to! Love the feel of dancing to this. This tune sounds even better on CD than it did in the series. Pleasantly surprised (8 out of 10)

Audrey: Not quite sure why this was included on the CD as I feel it doesn't really bring anything new. However still a pleasant enough tune. The scene with Audrey telling Cooper about her father in episode 14 comes to mind. (5 out of 10)

Josie And Truman: Nice, elegant, reflecting, calming.... One of the jazzier tracks on the CD. Flows very nicely, although a bit repetitive in the end. One of the better songs from the last half of the second season (7 out of 10)

Hook Rug Dance: I think this must be my favourite song of the second season! And the way it sounds on this CD is incredible, with no interfering dialogue. So sweet, pure, innocent, representing what all the "good" things/values in Twin Peaks were all about. Amazing. Can't get enough of this song (10 out of 10)

Packards Vibration: Not sure how appropriate the intro to this song is but nonetheless it's another great track, always liked this song. All the scenes with Catherine/Josie/Andrew/Mr. Eckhardt/Jones come to mind. (8 out of 10)

Half Heart: With the exception of The Voice Of Love this was my favourite track from FWWM. It's just pure heaven closing your eyes listening to this song. Can't help but to think of the scene with James and Laura, two lovers finding comfort in a world gone astray. Magical! (10 out of 10)

Laura's Dark Boogie: Good beginning but then it turns into too much experimentation... Think this music works better on film than a stand-alone track. Definitely creepy! Not quite my cup of tea (4 out of 10)

Dark Mood Woods/The Red Room: The tracks getting longer towards the end here.... Love the mysterious opening and ending of this song. In a way the theme of the final episode. Quite different than anything else you're likely to hear. Difficult not to see that whole episode playing in your mind when listening to this song. Perhaps dragging on a little too long... (7 out of 10)

Love Theme Farewell: Much the same as the first track with the sound of the wind howling. Can't really see the necissity of including this song twice although it's one of my all-time favourite TP-tunes. Nothing new about this one, unfortunately. (5 out of 10)
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Postby youkilledmike » Fri Nov 09, 2007 5:42 pm

I enjoyed this very much. I've been an admirer of dugpa's site for a hot minute, but only recently ventured into the forums. Glad I did in time for last night!
Angelo Badalamenti is by far one of (if not) my favorite composers. The way he brings sound to cinema and beyond thrills me.
I am sending copies of the season 2 OST to friends over the holidays - ones who are as enthralled by the world of Twin Peaks. But the holidays are a ways away and thats all the more reason why I had fun sharing the experience with others now! Thank you for that.
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Postby jdh.goodgrief » Sat Nov 10, 2007 4:26 am

Mystery Man, sounds like we have nigh-identical taste in TP music. I agree with you on most every track.
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Postby They-Shot-Waldo! » Sun Dec 23, 2007 10:29 am

Such a shame I missed this. :( Any chance of repeating the experiment over the holidays, Dugpa? I'd heartily recommend a synchronized viewing of the beautifullly remastered pilot. :D
-- Gerry

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