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My Twin Peaks soundtrack compilation

Postby Evenreven » Tue Mar 04, 2008 11:50 am

I thought a while ago about making a one-cd compilation of my favourite Twin Peaks music, so I made this one. It's based on chronology, but chronology is trumped by feel if necessary.

1. Laura Palmer's Theme
2. Half Heart
3. Freshly Squeezed
4. Falling
5. I'm Hurt Bad (short edit, 0:38)
6. Audrey's dance (edit, 2:50)
7. Dance of the Dream Man (edit, 2:51)
8. Night Life in Twin Peaks
9. Hayward Boogie
10. Audrey's Prayer
11. Rockin' Back inside My Heart (edit, 1:59)
12. The World Spins (edit, 3:29)
13. Harold's Theme
14. New Shoes
15. Packard's Vibration (edit, no "dream man" intro, 1:42)
16. Moving Through Time
17. Dark Mood/Woods (edit, 1:57)
18. Sycamore Trees
19. The Red Room (edit, middle portion, flows gaplessly into...)
20. Dark Mood/Woods reprise (the end of the long track)
21. The Voice of Love (vocal version from Julee Cruise's album)

It has most of what I like on one cd. There's even some space left. That version of The Voice of Love is cheating, I know, but it feels like a Twin Peaks track. The only ones I really miss is Pennsylvania 6-5000 and the version of What a Wonderful World. I would throw out something else if I had those. And if Deer Meadow Shuffle ever comes out...
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