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Jennifer in my hometown for Horror festival.

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2013 6:53 am
by brokentiny
Believe it or not, Jennifer is in my hometown of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia as a guest of honour for the 'Stranger In My Face' horror film festival which is an annual festival with a special focus on female filmmakers in the horror film industry.
It's co-organised by a friend of mine and last year I gave a lecture on giallo film, this year a collaborator and presented a live AV mashup performance. I knew Jennifer was coming down here, but throught it wasn't until Saturday. So it suprised me when she passed me on the street as I went home for dinner after setting up the gear.
She was one of the judges for a short film competition and was very charming at the presentation, despite her cold and jetlag!
She will be appearing throughout the festival at a couple of different venues throughout the city where a few of her films will be shown and she'll introduce them, or will conduct Q&A sessions after.

Kinda amazing, she's come to our little hick town...I wonder if I can get her to sign my copy of 'The Diary Of Laura Palmer'? :wink:

Info on the festival: