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Carl's GUT, pt. 1: bardo

Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2009 4:25 pm
by Carl
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Re: Carl's GUT, pt. 2: dramitis personae and beyond

Posted: Fri Dec 18, 2009 4:54 pm
by Carl

Re: Carl's GUT, pt. 1: bardo

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 3:44 am
by JFK
sorry carl, ive been away for awhile. but i do like what youre saying here. the only way for me to see IE as a whole is that its plot is metaphysical and uses ideas and images like youve mentioned in youre first post. i do have a problem with the list you made. i believe youre confusing characters and oversimplifying. surely kremp(sp), by whichi assume you mean crimp, the neighbor to the sue persona who is actually the phantom, and has a different existence to "Kingsley, Krohl, Tom Rabbit( dunno why his name does not have an initial 'K') Smithy".
there are, by my estimation, many many different realities overlapping in IE.
this is a rough division of the layers of the film. there is so much back and forth it would take forever to put each scene here, but i believe these are the general and most concrete worlds for the audience that exists and intertwine.

1.Axxon N.
2.lost girl in apartment
3.rabbits on television
4.phantom meets janek(jack rabbit)
5.nikki, piotrek, devon, kingsley, freddie, neighbor #1, film crew, hollywood
6.nikki enters axxon n. door
7.sue, smithy, billy, doris, valley girls
8.lost girl, phantom, krol, "who is she?" woman(polish segments)
9.LB(which is what i call the third persona played by dern, who speaks with a southern accent, unlike sue or nikki), mr. K, krol
8.sue, smithy, phantom, LG, valley girls, rabbits return(poland and inland empire worlds connecting)
9.smithy looking for the phantom
10.sue, neighbor#2, crimp
11.krol, LG, seance, rabbits
12.LB, sue, valley girls, axxon n. door ignored
13.LG, 2 valley girl, woman watching from behind LG(poland)
14.LB, burleseque club which leads to mr k's office
15. LB, valley girls, doris stabs LB
16.LB dies, becomes nikki, leaves set of 'on high', sees herself on a movie screen in an empty theater
17.nikki confronts the phantom outside the door of the rabbits' room 47
18.phantom is shot with gun that smithy left in the bedroom
19. nikki enters 47, the rabbits are gone, an applause track plays for nikki
20.LG, 2 valley girls, apartmentt is opened, LG is free, nikki disappears after kissing LG
21.LG is reunited with smithy and their son
22.nikki is purified party in the palace

i know this is rough, but i think this includes most of the shifting of worlds and realities.

Re: Carl's GUT, pt. 1: bardo

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 10:56 am
by Carl

Re: Carl's GUT, pt. 1: bardo

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 7:19 pm
by JFK
Carl wrote:Just so, there is a shifting going on. It is the 'transistions' that are most strking and at the heart of the matter.
I reserve judgement as to which soul is that of 'The Phantom', but Jack Rabbit ( who I believe, is the soul of Adam K., the arrogant director from Mullholland Dr, reborn as an animal due to past misdeeds) is shown to fade into him after seeking a way in. 'Kingsley', also a director ( and also with the initial 'K.') I assign to that soul as well.
I dunno how to spell Kremp. :? But 'K' again. We see it's the same actor as the Phantom.
The thing is, there is a 'jati' here, not just one soul, that is a group of inextricably related souls. ( Souls, again, as distinct from the personas they may fill.)
At least four, yes?

first, adam kesher's soul is jack rabbitt? where does this come from? i really dont see this, and sure IE is metaphysical, but to add kesher into it is taking it a step too far. just becauses the rabbits are voiced by MD actors, and hering shows up at the end, doesnt give me any reason to think the world of MD is connected to IE(of course they are both lynch films, but theres just as much reason to see agent cooper from TP than a character from MD.
as to the phantom, i think you are confusing the scene. jack rabbitt and janek are more likely to be connected than the phantom to jack rabbitt. the phantom wants an opening to the INLAND EMPIRE. the rabbitts seem to be a gate or opening for moving between the worlds. that is what the phantom wants to do, and is asking janek/jack rabbitt if he understands. which he does, then disappears back to room 47. i dont believe he becomes the phantom.
and it is spelled "crimp", no k in the name.
and yes, i agree, four seems to be a magic number in IE