Carl's GUT, Chain of Consequence

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Carl's GUT, Chain of Consequence

Postby Carl » Mon Jun 17, 2013 11:27 am

Turning from the Tibetan Book of the Dead( as in Carl’s GUT, pt.1, Bardo) to a more conventional form of Buddhism( in which I’m no expert; these ancient Asian philosophies bore me to tears), I suggest we follow the ‘chain of consequence’ that provides a structure for this film. ‘Actions do have consequences.’ The first word in the film is ...’Axxon N.’ Action, in.
For in mainstream Buddhism, there is, of course, no immortal soul, no transmigration of the soul or metempsychosis, no rebirth of an entity, no succession of lives dependent upon how one lived the last, etc., —rather these concepts relate to Hinduism from which Buddhism originated. Nothing in the cosmos is permanent save Dukkha ( the suffering and pain of existence) and the constancy of change. The phenomenological world is one Transition after another (sound like IE?)
The best that we, the living, can hope for is to accept that we are suffering because we do not truly understand how the world works. The great virtues in this perpetual cycle of Samsara (birth, growth, aging, death) are acceptance of our ignorance, realization of Karma( one’s actions and their ethical consequences), trying to understand the true cause of our suffering and, finally, helping others to ease their pain. If one reaches such a point in their ‘enlightenment’ as to be able to attain Nirvana and decline the opportunity in order to help others (as ‘Sue/Nicky/Whoever does at the mawkish climax of this great movie) then they have become a Bodhavista ( and can smile as Smithy and Lost Girl and their son embrace.)
What are the actions whose consequences provide the plot of this film? Adultery, murder, infertility...something along those line, eh?

EDIT: Remember: there are no 'characters' here. At any moment the 'chain of consequence' is what connects the different lives, rooms, worlds...whatever. They are summoned from the void( as in Quantum Physics) by the karmic energy and concentration of various, highly temporary, consciousnesses. This, imo, is why this swell flic fails in respect of drama. No mutable, though continuous characters, no drama.

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