Inland Empire memorable quotes in mp3 format

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Inland Empire memorable quotes in mp3 format

Postby luridedith » Mon Sep 24, 2007 9:22 pm

Does anyone have any of the film's more memorable quotes for download? I 'm doing a DJ set for my music course and would love to throw in some of the movie's more absurd and bizarre lines into the mix. I have a couple from the blog fourfour when they did a recap of the movie but does anyone have any more?

If not, how do I record them myself from the DVD on my computer?
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Postby Evenreven » Tue Sep 25, 2007 3:04 am

There are several methods, but this is one:

1) From the DVD, rip only the stereo soundtrack from the relevant chapter, using either DVD Decrypter (PC) or Mactheripper (Mac). Use the "demux" tab.
2) Convert the AC3 file (I assume that's the output format) to WAV in some way. I think Foobar2000 (with an extra optional AC3 component) is your friend in that respect.
3) Edit the relevant portion in Audacity, or a more professional (read: expensive) piece of sequencer software (Cubase, Protools, etc), and export to your format of choice.

There are other methods, some including "audio hijack" schemes (that is, it records a WAV file of whatever the sound card is doing), but this way gives you more control. Even more importantly, it uses only freeware.

edit: On a mac, this discontinued free nugget:
will do an audio hijack for you, if you prefer that way. It's actually a very good audio player too, if you get past the wonky interface and bizarre playlist system. I used it for years (not an itunes fan).
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