I liked INLAND EMPIRE... except for these 2 points!

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I liked INLAND EMPIRE... except for these 2 points!

Postby Shiva » Tue Nov 13, 2007 6:09 pm

Like most people on this forum, I really like David Lynch's films. All of them. I really wanted to love INLAND EMPIRE, but I could not get past these two problem points (in my mind):

1. The (experimental) style of filming! Yuk! Throughout most of the movie I found myself being yanked out of magical moments because the filming style was so distracting. The shaky movement of the camera to be more specific.

2. Lack of Badalamenti's music. This fact was the one that I could not get over. All the Lynch's movies that I adore are accompanied with Badalamenti's magical touch, his music is impeccable. Most of the music in this film, including the end one (Polish Poem by David Lynch/ Chrysta Bell) was a massive distraction, and took more magic out of IE. As far as I am concerned, Lynch and Badalamenti need to stick together. I tried very hard to give the music a chance, to accept it as is. But try as I did, it failed to give the movie that magical quality present in FWWM, Mulholland Drive etc.

Like I said, this is only my opinion.

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Postby TheArm » Wed Nov 14, 2007 7:45 pm

I agree. I understand why Lynch loves digital and fair play to him; it's his movie and it's his art, so he can do whatever he wants. That being said, I miss the beautiful, rich images and colors he used to put on film.

But the biggest thing I agree with is point 2. I have to say that one of reasons I love Lynch is how he works with Angelo's music, and I was really disappointed that it wasn't there. Does anyone know why?? I admire the DIY aesthetic that Lynch brought to the film, but personally, I'd rather have heard what Angelo could have done. His music is essential to the "David Lynch experience" to me.

But again, it's David's movie and he can do what he wants, and I'll happily slap down $11 to see whatever he wants to film, even if it's 4 hours of Laura Dern playing with a dead cow's innards. But I miss his old style and I'm sad that he seems to have moved on from it when it worked so well!!


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