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Re: Scene 35: Why doesn't Dern tell her Director about V1?

Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2009 6:48 pm
by iefan
Does anyone else find it perplexing that Dern chose to WITHOLD INFO from her Director about her visit and conversation with her NEIGHBOR?

First of all, V1 KNEW before Dern does herself that she'd gotten the part in the film. Right?

So shouldn't that visit & what's said during it raise all kinds of ALARM BELLS for the actress SECURITY WISE???

Wouldn't having a strange woman that you don't even know arrive at your own home -- who also KNOWS more about the film role than you yourself do --- FREAK you out???

Then we also see that SECURITY GUARD standing there when Dern arrives for Rehearsals for Scene 35???

Yet she still chose not to tell her DIRECTOR about this matter, or about how the strange woman told her about there being a BRUTAL FU*CKING MURDER in the film????

So why does she WITHHOLD this INFORMATION from Kingsley in that scene?

Isn't this a situation where for the sake of her own security she should let her DIRECTOR know about the visit she's had from this other VERY STRANGE woman?

What if this happened to you? Can you honestly tell me you wouldn't tell your Director about a woman like this coming to your home & ask him if he knew her or knew how she knew that you'd gotten the part before you did???

PLUS you've also got still another SECURITY ISSUE taking place in Scene 35 (with the intruder at the back of the stage)?

Does it makes sense to you for Dern not to mention V1 to him???

ESPECIALLY after she's also told how the 2 other LEADS were MURDERED in the other film version!?!?

Surely this should be the TIME to let one's DIRECTOR know about the VISIT that you had from the VERY STRANGE WOMAN???

How reasonalble does it seem to you for an actress to WITHHOLD INFO like this from her Director about a VISITOR who may also be a RISK to her SECURITY ???

LYNCH also placed that SECURITY GUARD there at the Entrance to STAGE 4 for a GOOD REASON. Right?

Re: Scene 35

Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2009 6:58 pm
by gavriloP
I'd say that because Visitor does her magic and transfers Nikki to tomorrow, she simply won't remember it at all.

Re: Scene 35

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2009 12:36 am
by iefan
I'd say that because Visitor does her magic and transfers Nikki to tomorrow, she simply won't remember it at all.

Opps! :oops:

Yes of course! You're right! And like the Visitor also said, I too seem to have "Forgotten" about how everything that we see taking place from that point forward is also a bit like Alice in Wonderland falling asleep with her head in the lap of her sister?

So when Alice is attacked by the "Pack of Cards" at the End of the story, then she also wakes up from her NAP ... with her head in her sister's LAP ... to discover that its only the LEAVES of the TREE that are falling down upon her?

Oh well. Never mind.