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Postby XoBIT » Thu May 14, 2009 5:16 pm

Hi everybody!

Seems like we are really close this time to make english version of DAVID LYNCH INFO (http://david-lynch.info). Tanya sent some links before and show some photos we've made after David's visit to Russia and Ukraine. Well, what we are doing now - is gathering all the information about this historical event, and for us - it's huge amount of work (transcripting, translating, etc.). We've got a lot of materials in english. I guess, it could be interesting to englishspeaking fans of David to read them.

And I hope to get some help here :-)

Here is the deal: at june our website moves to a new web-server, and at the same time we want to make a short english edition of website (for start), where we could publish some exclusive materials, translated russian iterviews and some interviews we are taking. And we would be happy to get help in transcripting some of audio-files. With your help, english version of DAVID LYNCH INFO can appear a little sooner.

You can write me on xobit@ukr.net if you want to help, or send your e-mails at this topic :-)

Thank you!!

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