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Coast to Coast Radio

Postby Annie » Wed Jun 24, 2009 9:02 pm

Anybody stay up late and listen to this wonderful radio show?? It claims to be the most widely listened to show in the world. Starts at midnight and goes almost all night (not sure, I haven't listened to the end.) It's a radio talk show with guests from everywhere talking about UFOs, alien abductions, ghosts, exorcisms, witches, vampires, DaVinci Code type stuff, 2012, quantum physics, cosmology, etc. A lot of it is like listening to the X-files but it's real. They've even talked about Project Bluebook. Anyway, you can look it up on their web page where there are links to all the people who are guests on the show. Then people call in and ask questions. It should be available on your local conservative talk radio, sponsored by Fox. I found it during a tornado last year and have been listening ever since!
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