Gregory Barsamian (for fans of Six Figures Getting Sick)

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Gregory Barsamian (for fans of Six Figures Getting Sick)

Postby hopesfall » Wed Oct 15, 2014 6:13 am

I thought this kind of thing might appeal to those who liked Lynch's 'moving sculpture' Six Figures Getting Sick. This guy, Gregory Barsamian, uses a mixture of sculptures, strobes and some kind of spinning armature to create some rather dark, spooky, and fascinating "living" sculptures.

The site is rather old-school looking, and awkward to navigate at times, but if you click menu at the top, then go to sculptures, then there are pictures and videos available of each one. Forty and Die Falle are personal favourites of mine. I can imagine that the images and videos don't do actually being there much justice. Some of the soundscapes he uses are great too. :D

A snippet from The New Yorker:

The most remarkable objects in this exhibition on the theme of voyeurism are the sculptural animations of Gregory Barsamian: the technology is primitive, a three-dimensional version of the little flip books that children flip through-but the effect is transcendent.

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