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UNTITLED by Adam Sawka

Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2016 12:37 am
by anarchangelic
This is a link to my novel, a psychological mystery thriller. After reading my early draft of it, my friend introduced me to Twin Peaks, as he thought it might be something I liked due to some perceived similarities on his part. So I have only been a great fan of this literary world since 2012, and indeed there are some parallels to my work, though I wouldn't want to be seen as claiming that it is necessarily too similar. If anyone on here wanted more information beyond what is teased on the amazon pages, or in fact a free digital copy of the novel (as I would love to have any type of discussion on the forum concerning it), please feel free to message me. You could also search for this on Google Books to be able to read a large sample of it. And hey, if you want to just go ahead and purchase it that would be great. ... Adam+Sawka ... Adam+sawka