Terrence Malick

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Terrence Malick

Postby claaa7 » Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:50 am

I am absolutely in love with Terrence Malicks one of a kind film-making, the only one I haven't seen in full is "voyage of Time" (but i really hope for a blu-ray soon). He of course was in the class above Lynch at the AFI and i think it's safe to say that they knew each other and perhaps exchanged a few ideas. I love filmmakers who thinks outside the box and make art on that cinema screen. Malick is one of my to 5 while the holy trinity is Lynch, Kubrick and Tarkovsky. As for 4 and 5 it's Malick and Park Chan Wook (OldBoy, Lady Vengeance, Stoker, THE HANDMAIDEN, Stoker -so underrated-, I'm A Cybord..., JSA, etc.)

But Malick is one of the very few distinctive voices we have left in the cinema, many people ridicioloue his extended "profound" musings of life on voiceover, coupled with gorgeous cinematorahhy and shot set ups, an eppilepticak approach to create small excerpts of scens into a cohessive whole. with his last 3-4 films he has amost entirely thrown out our usual expectations of a movie, there's no narrative or plot devises to speak of but few films eveoke nostalgic memory, etc. and it's gorgeously shot, his latest "Song to Song" is close to a masterpiece imo, i saw it at the theater and MAN was that hypnotic. at times he is tethering on self-parodyg but in the grand sceme of thing it's honest film amking. and he's totally thrown out any regular three part structure, etc. it's very impressionistic, and absolutely gorgeous cinematograhy throughout. who is to say that movies can't be visual poetry rather than your typical three part structure, etc.

since "The New World" he has been working wiht the talented Luzbeki and since the start Lych's buddy Jack Fisk for the production design (which he also was repsobsuble on movies like "Mulholland Dr.", "There Wil Be Blood" and "The Maser" - a true genius in what he's doing). a movie like "To The Wonder" which i wasn't crazy about really took new meaning the third time i watched it with an open eye. But now with theese movies and finally his long-in-the-works documentary "Voyage in Time" which he has been working on for years and years years is finally seeing the light the day. His next movie will be Radegrund, a historical bioraphy and as much as i love all his movies, i think it's time he does something radically different now, a beautiful film that's completely linear. I would love to see how he handles that now

What's your thoughts on Malick, "Song to Song"; "Tree of Life"; "Badlands", etc.
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Re: Terrence Malick

Postby dud » Wed Jun 14, 2017 5:29 pm

tree of life is my favorite movie of all time, absolutely love it. really liked days of heaven. enjoyed thin red line. didnt care for anything post ToL cause they were all too derivative of the aesthetic he achieved with ToL without being as spiritually resonant. they made me just want to go back and watch ToL lol. really excited for his next project which is supposed to be a departure from that filmmaking style and a return to conventionally scripted film

my trinity might be lynch, malick, and pta... or alternatively bergman, kurosawa, and tarkovsky

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