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Channel Zero

Post by dreamshake »

I just finished the first season of this SyFy horror anthology series based on creepypasta stories and thought it deserved its own thread, especially given Harley Peyton's involvement and that season 4 premieres October 26th.

I was really impressed by so many aspects of the show, especially the cinematography. It features some of the best surreal imagery I have seen on tv outside of Twin Peaks. Along with some editing choices and the great score/sound design, it creates a really phenomenal sense of sustained dread. The creature design was one of the most unsettling things I have seen on tv. Really could barley stand watching the scenes with the tooth child for most of the series. The sound design for it was especially gross. The writing is great too. The writers did a fantastic in adapting and expanding the original material into a tv series. Looking forward to seeing how the show changes up in the next seasons. What do yall think?
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Re: Channel Zero

Post by albie »

Candle Cove? I loved it. Didn't know it was a creepy pasta first?
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Re: Channel Zero

Post by baxter »

I've finally got round to watching this, after the raves it was getting on the forum.

I'm three episodes in, and it is the best thing I've watched in years. Genuinely creepy, amazing performances that draw you in, superb cinematography and, I say it again, genuinely creepy.

I've watched a few shows that are recommended to Twin Peaks fans, and I've found them either underwhelming (e.g. True Detective, Bates Motel, Riverdale), or sufficiently different to Twin Peaks that they took some getting used to (e.g. Veronica Mars). Candle Cove has sucked me in completely though, and I can't wait to see how it ends.

Are the other series as good as the first one?
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