Episode 12

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Audrey Horne
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Re: Episode 12

Postby Audrey Horne » Mon Oct 19, 2015 11:10 pm

I'm sorry but I don't think there is a more exciting moment than Cooper rescuing Audrey. That's my Twin Peaks oayoff. The killer reveal is episode 2.14 and this one are the two most satisfying moments for me... One devastating and one so stand up and cheering.
God, I love this music. Isn't it too dreamy?
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Re: Episode 12

Postby TwinPeaksFanatic » Fri Jun 17, 2016 5:22 am

I always enjoyed episode 12 a lot, particularly for the Donna/Harold Smith scenes. I think it's some of LFB's best work.

I wrote a recap for the episode, which can be viewed here - http://twinpeaksfanatic.blogspot.com/20 ... de-12.html :)
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Re: Episode 12

Postby Gabriel » Fri Mar 24, 2017 8:16 am

What I have found interesting as the characters walk through the curtained corridors is the similarity between Jack's and the Waiting Room/Black Lodge. The Waiting Room/Black Lodge are to One Eyed Jack's what the bed chamber at the end of 2001 is to a regular hotel room.
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Mr. Reindeer
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Re: Episode 12

Postby Mr. Reindeer » Sun Apr 02, 2017 7:39 pm

There's an odd amount of violence against women in this episode: Coop hitting Nancy (somewhat mitigated/justified by his anger regarding Audrey, but still arguably unbefitting of an agent of his standing and prowess), Jean stabbing Blackie (and in a beautifully creepy unscripted moment seemingly savoring her blood as she bleeds from her mouth!), and perhaps most troublesome, Pinkle's casual wife-beating joke, which is even more cringe-worthy in Shelly's presence. Of course, it's certainly the sort of joke plenty of people might have made in that era, and (slightly less so) even might make openly today, so it's realistic in that sense. But the episode seems to want us to find Pinkle endearing, or at the very least, harmless. I'm not really inclined to laugh at his slapstick to begin with (I like Lander generally, and really enjoy him on On the Air, a show I don't particularly like but he's one of the best strengths) -- but after that crack, I'm really not in the mood to giggle at his capering. I really wish Shelly had at least gotten more of a reaction shot registering her disgust. She just placidly smokes her cigarette. Btw, the line isn't in the script, so it's possible that Lander improvised it.

OTOH, I have never found LFB as powerful, in control, or sexy as I do in this episode. It's almost like Clifford made it his personal mission to make Donna pop: the performance she gives in this episode, consistently in every scene, is head and shoulders above anything else she did on the show. Personally, I don't generally find her physically attractive, but the way she's photographed in this one and the energy she gives off is the definition of steamy. She owns it.

And, after this slightly troubling episode from a feminist standpoint (which ends with two females in peril), Lesli Linka Glatter returns in full force next episode, opening with a series of Georgia O'Keefe-esque vaginal orchid shots. :lol:
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Re: Episode 12

Postby Jonah » Sat Jul 22, 2017 5:31 am

I like the opening here with Cooper in Room 315, speaking into his recorder to Diane, then doing a handstand and - finally -seeing Audrey's envelope. (For some reason I had always assumed the Giant was referring to Audrey's letter when he said "you forgot something", but of course he was probably referring to what Laura whispered in Coop's ear in his dream.)

The trial sequences here in the roadhouse always struck me as a bit ridiculous, but this is Twin Peaks. So it sort of works.

I do like the scene with the Judge, Harry, and Cooper at the bar.

Donna's speech to Harold is very effective and well played by Lara Flynn Boyle.

I like the scene with Maddy and James at the diner.

I love Maddy hiding in the bushes with her coffee! And then we see Cooper crouching in some bushes a little later too. There's a lot of crouching and sneaking around in this episode.

The stuff at One Eyed Jack's was never one of my favourite subplots. All the red drapes remind me of the red room of course - and doubly so when we see the statues now too. Very on the nose - but somehow it works.

Harry peering through the glass and seeing Blackie killed is very eerie. Renault licking the blood is .... I'm not sure if it's OTT or creepy, but it's definitely memorable.

The final scene might have been very powerful only for the fact that the rake is already dripping with fake blood before Harold rubs it on his face. This goof always really took me out of the moment, but I like this storyline overall.
Actually, now that some time has passed, I like "The full blossom of the evening".

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