Episode 18

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Re: Episode 18

Postby Henrys Hair » Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:42 pm

The Andrew Packard ending has got to be the worst cliffhanger ending so far, especially considering it came before a long holiday hiatus when viewers were already bound to fall away. It's not very interesting even in theory, but how it's handled makes it even worse. Andrew just strolls out, spouts some cliches, and then (practically shrugging himself) looks offscreen and we cut to black. Gee, I wonder why people weren't itching to tune in a month later...

Especially telegraphing it in the same scene. 'Oh look! Piper Laurie's talking about her dead brother Andrew, we're seeing a photo of him for the first time ever and it's a photo of that well known character actors Dan O'Herlihy, whose face you'll recognise even if you don't know his name! I doubt he'll ever show up!' Ahem! ;)[/quote]

Don't we see a photo of Andrew Packard much earlier in the show - the fish-in-the-percolator scene?

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