Episode 13

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Re: Episode 13

Postby djerdap » Tue Apr 04, 2017 11:24 pm

The Ben/Josie confrontation is the only time I find Chen to be really convincing in the role of somebody who is supposed to be this duplicitious femme fatale.

Still makes me wonder how Isabella Rossellini would fare with this role.
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Re: Episode 13

Postby David Locke » Wed Apr 05, 2017 12:11 am

Although Joan Chen seems to struggle with the material, and it's an imperfect performance, I do think she gives Josie that youthful/innocent aspect which is essential and which I wonder if Isabella would've been as good at projecting? Maybe it'd have been fine though. Isabella could've been TOO good in this, if anything, to the point of distraction. And of course one of the reasons why Chen isn't quite right as Josie is because she can't really deliver the darker aspects, the full femme fatale feeling.
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Mr. Reindeer
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Re: Episode 13

Postby Mr. Reindeer » Wed Apr 05, 2017 9:28 am

I've always kinda wondered what the "temperature in the room" was/ is on Chen. As you said, she's good in the funny/innocent scenes (especially with Pete), but considering that she receives special crediting along with Laurie, and was apparently a huge "get" for the show at the time, she really doesn't give a terribly memorable performance IMO. (Of course, having to act in a language that's not her native tongue may have made it tougher on her.) i do really love her standoff with Ben in this episode though. I think she matches Beymer's smug scheming tone, and I actually buy her coming out the winner.

Oh! One thing I just thought of: LLG starting a scene on a close-up of of Lynch's ear HAS to be a Blue Velvet nod; right?
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Re: Episode 13

Postby Jonah » Sat Jul 22, 2017 5:46 am

I started this rewatch with the Pilot, followed by Episode 1 & 2 on the first night. Then I gulped the rest of Season 1 and the first half of Episode 8 of Season 2 the next night. I took a break then, diving back into 8 and going all the way to 12. I took a break and got back to my rewatch with Episode 13 and went through to 18.

I kept meaning to write up my thoughts after each episode, but I get carried away watching them so am playing catch up now (currently reached 19 and said I'd go back and type up some thoughts on the previous episodes before I continue - maybe I'm putting off watching 19 because it's so weak). My write-ups would probably be stronger if I had written them immediately after each episode, so I'm just flicking back through them quickly to remind myself, then making some notes.


Great scene with Audrey and Cooper in the Bookhouse!

And I love how Audrey speaks to Ben, really highlighting how her experience has begun to change and mature her as a character. Fenn plays this beautifully.

I also really like the scene with James and Donna after Maddy drives away.

The goodbye scene with Maddy and James here is great. I love both of them in this scene. The setting is beautiful too, though a bit too sunny as is the case for all the California scenes filling in for the northwest. I guess we're just to assume Laura's death precipitated a bizarre Indian Summer in the middle of winter, maybe bringing out the sun to shine on all the corruption in the town!

Lee is very powerful as Maddy in this sequence. You get a real sense of Maddy here and in Episode 14. Too bad she wasn't given more to do and kept around longer and given more characterisation.

I like Josie standing up to Ben - and the key scene between the two of them is a lot of fun!

Given Cole and Shelly kiss later in this season - and that Shelly is credited as being the only person Cole doesn't need his hearing aid to hear - it's interesting how this is almost foreshadowed in this episode. We cut from Shelly laughing at Leo's birthday party to a direct close-up of Cole's earpiece.

Even more fun than that is Cooper's instant reaction to him when he walks into the Sheriff's Station.

It's great to see Cole. David Lynch plays the part great. And I love the reference to the small Mexican chihuahua (which of course we get a reference to in the new series!)

The Ben/Leland scene is great. And I like how Leland is so pre-meditated that he takes the hair from the fox. Looks like Bob isn't always the one in control. And at this stage, Leland doesn't even know Maddy's leaving. So why is he taking the hair? This sequence needs to be examined to show Leland (and/or maybe Bob) is already planning something.....

I think Ontkean does a great job in the scene where Harry tells Josie he loves her. You really feel for him here.

The Fumio/Ben scene is interesting. And Leland singing! (Nice throwback to when Leland was dancing in the first season and Ben got Catherine to intervene. Nice clue for viewers that Fumio is Catherine.)

And the scene with Fumio and Pete at the bar is priceless.

One of the best scenes is Mike in the Sheriff's Station. I don't think we've ever seen the one-armed man give such a sinister performance as Mike as we do here. I'd love to see something like this in the new series. It really highlights just how creepy Mike is.

Lot of great backstory on Bob and Mike here.

And that final shot of the Great Northern is eerie and brilliant. A great closing episode.

All in all I think this is a very powerful episode and a great lead-in into what will be one of the very best episodes of the entire series, Episode 14.
Actually, now that some time has passed, I like "The full blossom of the evening".

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