Episode 11

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Re: Episode 11

Postby Mr. Reindeer » Wed Mar 29, 2017 1:43 pm

Will/Warren is by far the funniest part of the Andy/Lucy shenanigans. He's the perfect stand-in for the viewer: emotionally drained after the tour de force Leland/Ray opening scene, and utterly exasperated to have to be talking about Andy's junk right now. His disdainful, "Put it in a brown paper bag. I'll wait in the car," is a thing of beauty.

I get the sense that the script for this episode was more slapped-together than usual due to Blackie injecting Stahl with heroin in the Lynch/Frost restroom (presumably with Phillip Gerard shooting up in the next Stahl -- er, stall). The pace is glacially slow for some scenes that don't merit it, as if they're padding a light script (or Stahling -- ack, sorry). However, Sternwood is a perfect Frostian creation; wish we'd seen more of him.

I'd really be curious to read the blood-soaked Stahl draft, or at least to learn which elements of it ended up onscreen (I'm sure SOMETHING did). Perhaps M. T. Wentz was some heroin-inspired demon that the show become stuck with due to the tight production timeline?

Has anyone actually read Stahl's book? I don't want to give him money, but I'd love to know what specifically he said about the experience.
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Re: Episode 11

Postby Jonah » Sat Jul 22, 2017 5:23 am

Not much to add on a recent rewatch.

Great opening sequence - and it really foreshadows Leland's capture in Episode 16.

The MT Wentz mystery here is a little fun and intriguing - and I love the eager receptionist at the Great Northern. Pity she didn't get a larger side role in the series rather than Lana, for example.

I'm still confused why Renault thinks Cooper killed one of his brothers? Subsequent episodes haven't cleared that up for me.

The Harold/Donna story is pretty good.

I like the Cooper/Ben scenes.

The Lucy/Andy subplot seems really at odds with everything else - more fitting to later in the season. But I like them so it's okay.

I love the scene with Maddy and Donna in the far booth at the diner. Don't think we've seen anyone sitting on this side before, have we? I like the way the camera pans around to reveal them, showing how all these little storylines are going on all over town.

I like the judge and his speech about shadow selves and Valhalla and how they have difficult jobs. I think this is his best scene.

The Josie/Harry stuff is okay. The passionate scene beneath the window panning up to show them being watched is very soapy but strangely effective.

And we get our first glimpse of Fumio Yamaguchi. Welcome back to Twin Peaks, Catherine!

I think Hank being attacked in the diner is one of the weaker closings.

Been rewatching these over the last few weeks but have delayed writing up my thoughts. Not sure what else to add. A pretty good episode all in all.
Actually, now that some time has passed, I like "The full blossom of the evening".

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