General Discussion on the New Series (All Opinions Welcome)

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Re: General Discussion on the New Series (All Opinions Welcome)

Postby N. Needleman » Sun Aug 19, 2018 5:46 pm

Jasper wrote:While her comments do seem to support the possibility that there could be more Twin Peaks, her musings really make it seem as though nothing is in the works at this time.

I really don't see it that way based on how she, Lynch and Frost behave in public, which is often very deliberate.

For over 20 years Lynch gave unequivocal 'no's to the question of new Twin Peaks. When his answers became more ambiguous some of us became suspicious. Then came Between Two Worlds, then Season 3.

Today Lynch shuts down any discussion of more TP by simply saying he 'won't talk about it' or variations on 'maybe'. Those answers are ambiguous. Sabrina Sutherland is his right hand. She's saying she wants more. So does Mark Frost. YMMV, but in all of that I see enough.
AnotherBlueRoseCase wrote:The Return is clearly guaranteed a future audience among stoners and other drug users.
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Re: General Discussion on the New Series (All Opinions Welcome)

Postby Jasper » Sun Aug 19, 2018 6:15 pm

Well, I definitely don't know anything that anyone else doesn't know. I'm just trying to read the tea leaves (or coffee grinds) while hoping for a happy outcome.
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Re: General Discussion on the New Series (All Opinions Welcome)

Postby NormoftheAndes » Mon Aug 20, 2018 5:18 pm

Jasper wrote:Well, I definitely don't know anything that anyone else doesn't know. I'm just trying to read the tea leaves (or coffee grinds) while hoping for a happy outcome.

We all hope for a happy outcome :D but I think the exec. producer is about the last person you would ask if you wanted to know the truth about what was happening with a secretive production like Twin Peaks. Her answers certainly are linked to Lynch and Frost wanting season 3 to stand on its own and not be merely a spring-board to season 4 or whatever the next volume might be.
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Re: General Discussion on the New Series (All Opinions Welcome)

Postby baxter » Mon Aug 20, 2018 5:51 pm

Something else to consider: The monumental secrecy surrounding S3 provided expert training in subterfuge, conspiracy and outright lying for all involved in the production! I don't trust any of them :-D
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Re: General Discussion on the New Series (All Opinions Welcome)

Postby Jerry Horne » Mon Aug 20, 2018 7:13 pm

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Re: General Discussion on the New Series (All Opinions Welcome)

Postby Redlodge » Wed Sep 19, 2018 8:33 am

I noticed something new when looking at Hawk’s map yesterday. If you turn the map upside down the crescent moon looks an awful lot like Laura’s smile.

It’s strange how things keep jumping out at me the more I rewatch Season 3.

Some observations and opinions

When the good Laura enters the black lodge 25 years later she is vulnerable and Judy is able to grab her and send her to the Odessa reality far away from the good Cooper.
Laura whispers in Coopers ear “ You must find me and take me home . The bad Laura is in my mother Sarah, Judy is also there.
When you take me home it will destroy Judy, myself and the bad Laura but you must sacrifice yourself too.
This is why he says Huh ? Because she is telling him to kill her, her mother, and himself to set things right.
Sarah has Judy and the bad Laura doppelgänger hiding inside her.
When Cooper takes Laura to Twin Peaks in the Odessa timeline, Judy is still hiding inside Sarah Palmer but not in this timeline. This suggests that Judy can cross timelines. We also see this in part 3 when Judy is knocking on the door in the Naido and American Girl timelines. Alice Tremond May be a vehicle for Judy to travel to the Odessa timeline or she is simply a lodge entity guarding the Palmer house. I even thought Alice could be talking. talking to Judy not her husband. This would also account for the mans voice when Bad Cooper calls Phillip Jeffries.
When Laura comes out of the fog of the other reality she has been in for 25 years she realizes who she really is and what happened her. The memories and the terror of it all rushes back into her and she Screams ! Since two negatives cancel each other out the negative energy from Odessa Laura shorts out her the negative Laura inside Sarah/Judy destroying Laura and Judy (two birds) and Cooper (one stone)
I realized this when Sarah was watching the boxing match on tv. Judy was manipulating time and hibernating inside a few moments In time over and over. In a word she was hiding in those few moments to protect herself from the Fireman’s plan and Cooper. This is why she can’t destroy the photo of Laura because where she is time exists as just a few moments and it keeps resetting.
Major Briggs was probably somewhere in a similar space all those years.
Cooper knows he will have to sacrifice himself in the Odessa timeline I think this may be part of the reason he acts so focused and unlike the Cooper we all know and love. By him entering the Black Lodge 25 years prior he caused the release of his doppelgänger and Bob. Since Bob is out and using Bad Cooper to find Judy, good Cooper must find Judy and destroy her before Bob can get to her. I believe Bob wants to mate with Judy and create more eggs like we saw in episode 8.
By sending Bad Cooper/Bob to the Sheriff’s Station instead of the Palmer house where Judy was the Fireman knew Lucy would kill Bad Cooper and Freddie would kill Bob. Leaving Cooper to deal with Judy.
This was the Fireman’s plan all along. When the Fireman said “Listen to the sounds.” If you listen closely I think the sounds translate to “We live, inside a dream” or they may be coordinates to the spot where Cooper and Diane cross over.

There are several things that occur after they cross over that are worth mentioning.
When they first cross over from day into night there is absolutely no reaction from either one of them. This is very strange and could be caused by something not unlike what happens when someone is near a portal. They know something happened but they are not certain what at first.
I think when Diane sees her doppelgänger outside the motel she remembers what they are doing there. I also believe the reason she sees here double is that she may be trying to place herself in a Dissociative State because she has some idea of what’s about to happen. It could also be that she is trying to keep that part of herself in tact from becoming Linda.
When Cooper/Richard wakes up the next day he is in a different motel in a different location. It could be possible Diane’s double is still at the other Motel.

I had other thought as well, maybe the reason that Cooper and Diane are driving the old Lincoln before they cross over is because they are in that time period. Then when Cooper wakes up the next day the time has reset to a future time period.
It’s interesting that Cooper/Richard is driving the same model Lincoln that Bad Cooper was driving when he has his accident.

Another thing is that when Cooper and Mike go to Jeffries to find Judy, Jeffries show them where to find here and the Owl Cave symbol changes from 7 to 0 to 8 which is the address of the Palmer house.

Ultimately this is all speculation and only Lynch and Frost know the truth of it.
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Re: General Discussion on the New Series (All Opinions Welcome)

Postby KyleRickards » Sun Sep 23, 2018 5:28 am

Dana Ashbrook is live on TalkRadio now chatting to Jamie East!

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