Season 3 Timeline (SPOILERS)

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Re: Season 3 Timeline (SPOILERS)

Postby Mr. Reindeer » Mon Sep 25, 2017 6:07 am

bosguy1981 wrote:I may be alone in this but I have always interpreted the phonecall scene between Ben and Sylvia differently than most people I've seen write about it. After Sylvia hangs up and Ben asks, "Beverly, do you want to have dinner with me?"... it feels to me like Beverly has already gone home for the day. She's not even there to hear him ask that, but after that call with Sylvia and the stress of it, Ben verbalizes what it is he really wants (to spend time with Beverly) and he says it then because it's "safe" to do so (Beverly isn't even there).

Certainly, with things being edited out of (what we imagine to be) the script order, it leaves all of this open to interpretation anyway, but that's how it played for me. Figured I'd throw that idea out there.

Oh, I agree completely. I've seen others on the board echo this as well. I think DKL very deliberately shot the scene so we would be left wondering whether or not Beverly was actually there, but I find it much more poignant if Ben is only talking to himself.
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Re: Season 3 Timeline (SPOILERS)

Postby bosguy1981 » Mon Sep 25, 2017 6:12 am

Mr. Reindeer wrote:Oh, I agree completely. I've seen others on the board echo this as well. I think DKL very deliberately shot the scene so we would be left wondering whether or not Beverly was actually there, but I find it much more poignant if Ben is only talking to himself.

Oh, good. Glad I'm not alone in that. Beverly not being there to hear it actually makes it one of my favorite new Ben Horne scenes in a certain way. Richard Beymer did such a great job in this season.
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Re: Season 3 Timeline (SPOILERS)

Postby oxyboldine » Mon Sep 25, 2017 11:11 pm

LostInTheMovies wrote:
oxyboldine wrote:Thanks! Yes, for those two scenes (and for many others), I had really difficulties to place them. Doing a timeline shows you that "time" is really a subjective thing, on this third season.

Another question: you place Sylvia's call to Ben on a Wednesday and the second "hum" scene (when Ben tells Beverly he can't) on a Friday. I think I understand why based on Ben's ties and the necessity of Sylvia's call happening on that particular day. However, it's problematic in a narrative way - unlike most "out of order" scenes, this one would notably change the arc we witness onscreen. If Sylvia calls Ben *before* the second "hum" scene, it means he declines her advances *after* asking her to dinner, which reverses the information as the show presents it to us. I wonder if there's a way to switch the order of those scenes?

EDIT: Nope. The costuming strongly suggests (not only Beverly's top but Ben's tie look the same) that Frank's visit and the second hum are the same day (though it's not entirely clear which order they happen in, not that it matters for this discussion). And it's hard for me to imagine that Frank is able to tell Ben about Richard's killing spree within hours of him trying to kill Miriam (for one thing, the letter arriving suggests Richard is still in town the next day when supposedly the whole sheriff's crew would be out looking for him), and (more importantly) it's even harder to imagine that Sylvia waits a full day (for the costume change) to tell Ben that Richard attacked her.

In my chronology, for now, it goes like this:
9/27: Richard attacks Miriam
9/28: Richard attacks Sylvia, Chad takes the letter, Sylvia calls Ben
9/30: Miriam is still in a coma, Frank goes to see Ben, Ben refuses Beverly advances
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Re: Season 3 Timeline (SPOILERS)

Postby LostInTheMovies » Sun Oct 01, 2017 8:40 am

Is there a way to shift most of the early Twin Peaks stuff over a day? I ask because the action of part 5 is being placed on Sunday yet people are working *all over the place*. Ok, the diner's gonna be open, but Mike's car lot, Stephen going on interviews, Becky at the bakery, Doris arguing about getting work done on the just feels like this is a Monday. In fact, come to think of it, the Doris-Frank scene at least MUST be a Monday because he was out of Twin Peaks the day before, just getting back when it was dark out. I'm guessing the storyline that would cause the most trouble here is Richard's. Will return with suggestions...
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Re: Season 3 Timeline (SPOILERS)

Postby LostInTheMovies » Sun Oct 01, 2017 9:15 am

I think I was able to rearrange things so that everything in Twin Peaks takes place a day later at first and then gradually dovetails with your schedule (in fact there was a missing day for a lot of stuff so this may work even better). Jerry's stuff can kind of go anywhere, as long as his call to Ben takes place the day after he watched Jacoby's podcast.

Here's what I came up with:

PART 5 - all TP scenes shift to Monday, 9/26
PART 6 - all TP scenes shift to Tuesday, 9/27
PART 7 - all TP scenes shift to Wednesday, 9/28
PART 9 - shift Ben's scene to Thursday, 9/29
PART 10 - shift Miriam's scene & Becky/Steven fight to Wednesday, 9/28 & the rest of Richard's scenes to Thursday, 9/29
PART 11 - shift Miriam's scene & Briggs family drama to Wednesday, 9/28
PART 12 & on - leave everything intact with one exception:
PART 13 - shift Becky's call to Shelly to Friday, 9/30 (she says Steven's been gone for two days)

EDIT: I was initially going to leave all the Becky stuff on the days you had them, thinking they don't effect anything else but actually I think they should be on a different day from Richard's hit & run; I think Carl needs them to be two different days when he's going to town (he's wearing the same clothes but I get the sense he doesn't change outfits much) and plus Shelly has totally different earrings, hairstyle, and outfit (she's wearing a sweater in one scene) when she's serving Miriam and when she's racing off to help Becky. So I moved those scenes too so they can remain on separate days.
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Re: Season 3 Timeline (SPOILERS)

Postby LostInTheMovies » Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:59 pm

I ran into more issues. They're too convoluted to explain briefly, but I ended up moving some more things around. At this point the timeline I'm referencing for my character series differs substantially from the ones above, so maybe I'll share the whole thing at one point. For now, here's what I rearranged from my previous post:

Richard's hit and run (pt6)

Becky's delivery to the diner (pt5)
Richard attacks Miriam (pt10)
Miriam emerges from the woods (pt10)

Steven yelling at Becky (pt10)
The Briggs family drama (pt11)
Lucy & Andy w/ the chair (pt9)
Chad steals the letter (pt10)
Richard attacks Sylvia (pt10)
Sylvia calls Ben (pt10)

Ben flirts with Beverly (pt 7)

I also think Cooper visiting the Montana compound, the convenience store (& then meeting Richard), and the place where Richard is electrocuted all need to take place on the night of Saturday, October 1 - especially the latter two (but I doubt Richard follows Cooper around for a day and a half before confronting him, so I'd place the Montana scene that afternoon).
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Re: Season 3 Timeline (SPOILERS)

Postby LostInTheMovies » Mon Oct 02, 2017 3:00 pm

Ok, here's what I came up with. I think it works.

Timeline by scene/group of scenes
(events are organized by day, but not by time of day; I did not worry about Audrey or Roadhouse scenes w/ one-off characters)

Wednesday, 9/21:
Jacoby receives shovels (Pt1)
Intro to glass box (Pt1)
Jacoby paints shovels (Pt3)

Thursday, 9/22:
Glass box attack (Pt1)
Mr. C picks up Ray/Darya (Pt1)

Friday, 9/23:
Ruth Davenport crime scene (Pt1)
Log Lady’s 1st call (Pt1)
Intro to Duncan (Pt2)
Mr. C in the diner (Pt2)

Saturday, 9/24:
Insurance salesman & Lucy (Pt1)
Hawk opens Laura’s files (Pt1)
Hastings goes to jail & Mr. C kills Phyllis (Pt1/Pt2)
Hawk in Glastonbury Grove for Log Lady’s 2nd call (Pt2)
Mr. C kills Jack & Darya, calls Jeffries (Pt2)
Sarah watches nature show (Pt2)
Chromatics at the Road House (Pt2)
Military pings the Buckhorn file (Pt4)

Sunday, 9/25:
Cooper becomes Dougie & Mr. C’s capture (Pt3)
“Is it the bunny?” (Pt3)
FBI finds out about Cooper (Pt3)
Dougie at the casino & meets Janey-E (Pt3/Pt4)
Gordon meets w/ Denise (Pt4)
Frank’s (& Wally’s) return to the station (Pt4)
Lorraine talks to hitmen & Argentina (Pt5)
Autopsy of Briggs (Pt5)
Richard at the Road House (Pt5)

Monday, 9/26:
Ben & Jerry (Pt1)
Dougie’s 1st morning & work day – statue, case files (Pt4/Pt5/Pt6)
FBI arrives, meets Mr. C & decides to contact Diane (Pt4)
Mr. C sees Bob in mirror (Pt5)
Doris’ 1st argument w/ Frank after he calls Harry (Pt5)
Dougie’s car is staked out, destroyed & discovered (Pt5)
Mitchums attack & fire employee (Pt5)
Jade mails the key (Pt5)
Hawk & Andy go through files (Pt5)
Dr. Amp’s 1st show (Pt5)
Col. Davis sends Lt. Knox (Pt5)
Tammy looks at Cooper’s file (Pt5)
Mr. C makes a phone call (Pt5)
Buenos Aires box evaporates (Pt5)
Albert finds Diane (Pt6)
Carl goes to town/Miriam has pie/Red deals drugs/Hit and run (Pt6)
Roadhouse sweeping w/ Jean-Michel (Pt7)
Man runs into diner (Pt7)

Tuesday, 9/27:
Mike interviews Steven (Pt5)
Becky delivers bread & takes drugs (Pt5)
Duncan gets red square/Ike gets call/Lorraine killed (Pt6)
Dougie shows Bushnell case files/talks to Fuscos/fights Ike (Pt6/Pt7)
Janey-E pays loan sharks (Pt6)
Hawk finds diary pages/shows them to Frank/Frank calls Harry (Pt6/Pt7)
Doris’ 2nd argument w/ Frank, Maggie explains her story (Pt6)
Jerry calls Ben (Pt7)
Andy investigates truck (Pt7)
Frank Skypes Doc (Pt7)
Lt. Knox in Buckhorn (Pt7)
Albert updates Gordon, they visit Diane, she flies to SD, speaks to Mr. C (Pt7)
Mr. C threatens the warden, escapes, is nearly killed by Ray (Pt7/Pt8)
Johnny hits a wall (Pt9)
Jerry’s foot talks (Pt9)
Richard attacks Miriam (Pt10)
Dr. Amp’s 2nd show (Pt10)
Miriam crawls out of woods (Pt11)

Wednesday, 9/28:
Mr. C hooks up w/ Hutch & Chantal, calls Duncan (Pt9)
FBI re-routes to Buckhorn & sees Briggs’ body, Tammy talks to Hastings (Pt9)
Dougie/Bushnell/Janey-E go to Fuscos, who then arrest Ike (Pt9)
Andy & Lucy argue over a chair (Pt9)
Gordon smokes w/ Diane (Pt9)
Carl hears Steven yell at Becky (Pt10)
Candie chases fly, Mitchums see news/meet Anthony/plan Dougie hit (Pt10)
Janey-E & Dougie go to the doctor & have sex (Pt10)
Chad steals mail & texts Richard, who attacks Sylvia, who calls Ben (Pt10)
Duncan sends Anthony to Mitchums (Pt10)
Albert takes Constance to dinner (Pt10)
Gordon has a Laura vision, learns of Diane’s texts (Pt10)
Log Lady’s 3rd call (Pt10)
Becky chases Steven, Carl helps Shelly, Briggs family chat, gun in traffic (Pt11)
Dougie plays catch (Pt12)
Hutch & Chantal kill warden (Pt12)
Dr. Amp’s 3rd show (Pt12)

Thursday, 9/29:
Ben & Beverly listen hum & get old key, she argues w/ Tom at home (Pt7)
Sheriff’s crew finds Briggs’ chair & message (Pt9)
Hawk shows map to Frank, Log Lady’s 4th call (Pt11)
Janey-E thanks Dougie for last night (Pt10)
Jerry yells in the woods (Pt10)
Gordon sees portal/FBI discovers Ruth/Hastings dies/talk over coffee (Pt11)
Dougie meets Mitchums (Pt11)
Miriam in hospital (Pt12)
Diane texts coordinates to Mr. C (Pt12)
Hutch & Chantal discuss Mormons (Pt13)
Norma meets w/ Walter as Ed & Bobby watch (Pt13)
Jacoby talks to Nadine (Pt13)
Sarah watches boxing (Pt13)
James sings “Just You” (Pt13)
Ed eats soup (Pt13)

Friday, 9/30:
Ben turns Beverly down (Pt9)
FBI discusses Blue Rose/promotes Tammy & deputizes Diane (Pt12)
Jerry runs through field (Pt12)
Sarah’s grocery run/Hawk visits her (Pt12)
Carl gives Kriscol money (Pt12)
Diane gets Vegas text from Mr. C (Pt12)
Frank tells Ben about Richard (Pt12)
Albert interrupts French lady to reveal Diane’s text (Pt12)
Mitchums party at office/Anthony talks to Fuscos & procures poison (Pt13)
Mitchums deliver gifts to Dougie & Sonny Jim plays on jungle gym (Pt13)
Becky calls Shelly about Steven (Pt13)
Nadine breaks up w/ Ed, who goes to Norma (Pt15)

Saturday, 10/1:
Mr. C wins in arm-wrestling (Pt13)
Anthony tries to poison Dougie & repents to Bushnell (Pt13)
Gordon talks to Frank (Pt14)
FBI conversation: Blue Rose, Dougie & Janey-E, Monica Bellucci dream (Pt14)
Sheriff’s crew arrests Chad/visits portal in woods/places Naido in cell (Pt14)
Freddie tells James about his glove & James hears the hum (Pt14)
Sarah takes off her face (Pt14)
Mr. C visits convenience store & meets Richard (Pt15)
James gets in Road House fight, ends up in jail w/ Freddie (Pt15)
Headley & Wilson get the wrong Joneses (Pt15)
Hutch & Chantal kill Duncan, eat dinner (Pt15)
Dougie electrocutes himself (Pt15)
Log Lady’s 5th & final call, Hawk announces her death (Pt15)
Jerry sees Mr. C kill Richard & text Diane (Pt16)
Wyoming police tell Ben about Jerry(Pt17)
Naido & bleeding man are agitated in cell (Pt17)
Mr. C drives to Twin Peaks (Pt17)

Sunday, 10/2:
Gersten & Steven trip in woods, witness tells Carl (Pt15)
Hutch & Chantal stake out Dougie & are killed (Pt16)
Cooper awakens, says goodbye to family, goes to Twin Peaks (Pt16)
Diane tells FBI about Mr. C and is shot/vanishes (Pt16)
Gordon explains Judy, hears about Dougie, goes to Twin Peaks (Pt17)
Showdown in Twin Peaks (Pt17)

Monday, 10/3:
Dougie returns to the Jones family (Pt18)
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Re: Season 3 Timeline (SPOILERS)

Postby claaa7 » Thu Oct 05, 2017 2:42 am

Something interesting i noticed is that the first entry of the dossier in The Secret History is dated September 20, 1805.. when re-reading it now it struck me that it was the same day and month that The Return starts but now i see i was slightly off. still close enough to make it an interesting parallel imo.

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