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Re: Diane (SPOILERS)

Postby ThumbsUp » Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:32 am

Mr. Jackpots wrote:Some speculation.

What's the reason for Diane and Janey-E s falling out?
Diane was raped by Mr.C/Dale and Janey-E was happily married to Dougie
/Dale. Dale being the reason behind their estrangement. Undoubtedly if Diane's sister married the man who betrayed and hurt her so badly she would be livid.

The Return is Cooper's dream. He cannot undo Laura's fate. He cannot undo Diane's fate. He cannot undo anything. Something Laura may have whispered into Dale's ear: " The past dictates the future".

I was under the impression the Real Diane was MIA/in he Lodge/Naido's body shortly after Mr. C assaulted her and took her to the Convenience Store (I believe this is what happened to Audrey and that she's still there). Since Dougie appeared in 1997 (right?) I assumed Real Diane never got the chance to meet Tulpa Dougie because Tulpa Diane had simply taken Real Diane's place in the world.

Was Janey-E simply estranged from Tulpa Diane, not the real one? I still don't understand why Dougie ended up with Janey-E. Was that part of Evil Coop's plan? Surely he should've guessed that, if anything, Janey-E would've helped Dougie take down Mr. C if she ever learned the truth about what happened to her sister?
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Re: Diane (SPOILERS)

Postby powerleftist » Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:58 pm

Why Mr. C. didn't just shoot Diane after creating her tulpa?

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