Theory: Dougie-world exists... (SPOILERS)

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Theory: Dougie-world exists... (SPOILERS)

Postby MaiTaiRob » Mon Jun 12, 2017 10:50 am

So, here's a thought.

In the extended Jeffries scene from the missing pieces, he says "we live in a dream" before he's yanked back to Buenos Aires.

As this happens, the electricity goes nuts just as it did when Evil Coop makes his phone call at the prison.

Perhaps the Dougie world is a dream happening in those boxes.

I have a feeling that OG Dougie was created in the same dream and was sent to the lodge in place of Evil Coop. It was a trick, and it worked. Dougie-Coop is now trapped in the "dream box" just like Jeffries. Jeffries managed to slip out, through an elevator door with a 7 on it no less, talked to the folks at FBI HQ, and was pulled back into the dream in Buenos Aires.

Evil Coop utters a code phrase, the call is finished, & the box turns itself into a stone. Remember, when evil coop wants to talk to Jeffries, he plugs a similar box into his computer.

Perhaps Jeffries is working with Evil Coop to trade info for a release from "the dream." Jeffries gets out, however briefly, is about to give clues to Coop, Albert, and Gordon, so Evil Coop pulls him back in and utters a code phrase which self-destructs the box, killing Jeffries.

As for the question: "then why doesn't he just make a call and kill Cooper if he's trapped in a box?" Maybe he doesn't know where it is or how to reach it. Maybe that's the information he doesn't "need" he "wants."


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