The "We live inside a dream" theory

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Re: The "We live inside a dream" theory

Postby Cipher » Tue Sep 12, 2017 9:08 am

FlyingSquirrel wrote:
TheGum wrote:
FlyingSquirrel wrote:This might actually make for a satisfying interpretation in my book. It doesn't negate any one timeline or another as "not real," it doesn't require us to view the series as partly or mostly taking place inside the mind of Cooper, Cole, Jeffries, Monica Bellucci, or anybody else, and it preserves what I find most compelling about the supernatural elements on Twin Peaks: their refusal to play by human rules. I've often thought that sci-fi ought to explore the idea of an alien species that is just so different from us, both physically and psychologically, that interacting with them just proves persistently bewildering. While the TP supernatural characters don't seem to be "aliens" in the sense of extraterrestrials, they do seem to originate from a realm of existence other than our own.

I'd say this is idea is highly suggested by TSHOTP

Yeah, and that's one reason I do like TSHOTP despite all its continuity errors and my initial reaction of "why is Frost bringing all this UFO stuff into Twin Peaks?" It does seem that humanity is interacting with something mind-bendingly bizarre that we don't and possibly can't fully understand.

Just to touch on this too: I also like that idea because it's as true on an emotional level as it is interesting on a mythological one.

Aliens, ghosts, religion, spirituality, mythology, other dimensions -- call it whatever you want or view it through any culture or era of your choosing: From a certain perspective they all speak to this human need to believe another world is deeply entwined with ours. Something unknowable; something we can imagine giving rise to and responding to the emotions we feel in this one.

Why not bring all that together into a single cosmology and give it literal form? All of the above are just the White Lodge and the Black Lodge (and also maybe just shades of Laura's experiences, as presented in Fire Walk With Me) and that's perfect.

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