Is BOB gone for good?

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Re: Is BOB gone for good?

Postby Wonderful & Strange » Tue Aug 08, 2017 4:46 pm

Novalis wrote:It would make sense, I imagine, for the source of DoppelCoop's strength to be the indwelling BOB. On that basis I think that the way he totally dominates the gang boss in the arm-wrestling match, and the way he crushes his skull with a punch, can be taken as evidence that BOB is very much still 'with' him.

First, I was right that BOB is still in Mr. C. I've maintained that consistently since E8. Just pointing this out so everyone can bow down to my superior interpretive skills. :lol: :roll: :P

I think that the strongest evidence for BOB still being in Mr. C. is actually Ray telling us that Jeffries wants whatever is inside him. If that weren't still the case, I don't think Lynch would have included the line. We are supposed to anticipate that one of the major coming conflicts will be who will "be" with BOB. Mr. C. or "Jeffries"?

I also thought at first the supernatural strength might be because of BOB, but it's also possible that Good Coop has this ability too now -- how else would he have squeezed part of Ike's hand off?

Maybe these powers are just a byproduct of either living in the lodge for years or by being created by it?

Although I do think that Mr. C's resurrection was partially because BOB was inside him, but also due to the Woodsmen's ritual. Hence, BOB probably does help provide certain abilities.

Still, what is Dougie Coop able to do, if anything?
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