Screentimes of characters

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Screentimes of characters

Postby djerdap » Mon Aug 28, 2017 7:34 am

Similar to what LostIntheMovies was doing in his retrospective, how would the ranking of the characters in the new Twin Peaks look like according to their screentime? This is now before the 2-hour finale:

Cooper (counting all iterations)

After that it gets more difficult (here's my guess for top 10 based on simply guessing):

the Mitchum brothers

Bobby might be in there instead of Andy or the Mitchum bros...

Would be interesting to see what the final result is. Delighted to see Michael Horse getting so much screentime - probably the most of the old characters. And it was a completely false forecast of mine that Lynch wouldn't give himself much screentime as Cole since he has a lot of work to be done behind the camera...

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