Creepiest/scariest scene(s) [Spoilers]

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Re: Creepiest/scariest scene(s) [Spoilers]

Postby claaa7 » Fri Sep 08, 2017 6:36 am

AgentEcho wrote:
Agent Sam Stanley wrote:Actually, one of my biggest issues with TR is that I can't think of a single scene that comes close to the original series or FWWM in terms of creepiness.
Yes, there were some creepy moments, but nothing that scared the bejesus out of me like Ronette's nightmare with BOB, Maddy's murder scene, BOB crouching over the couch, Laura's Meanwhile scene in the Black Lodge, BOB caught searching for Laura's diary, etc.

I also agree with this. I'm actually going to differentiate creepiness and scariness, I think The Return did creepy quite well, but the levels of sheer white knuckle scariness it never reached the levels that the Lynch directed stuff in the show and FWWM achieved. I wouldn't call that an issue for me as I appreciated so much of The Return (including the creepiness), but the original TP material had some of the genuinely scariest scenes I've ever seen... and you sighted many examples.

But I don't think Lynch was interested in recreating that. With the possible exception of the glass box attack scene, I can't think of any scene in the return that seemed interested in creating a sense of terror.

i think the scenes with Sarah Palmer was probably going for that effect. her last scene suddenly managed to terrify me.
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Re: Creepiest/scariest scene(s) [Spoilers]

Postby claaa7 » Sat Sep 09, 2017 8:10 am

this scene with Darya stand as the scariest scene with Mister C to me.. really ice cold
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Re: Creepiest/scariest scene(s) [Spoilers]

Postby Metamorphia » Sat Sep 09, 2017 11:09 am

Creepiest scene BY FAR was the close of Episode 17 with Sarah/Judy and those noises just before she smashes the photo. It's just Lynch at his absolute best. The whole construction of the scene - the extended wait to actually see what's going on/where the sound is coming from (all while fixated on a familiar site of horror and dread from the original series), the disconcerting floating camera, and the actual sounds! My god, nightmare inducing.

Sarah's scene with Hawk was pretty creepy too, although nothing comes close to the above. And I thought the convenience stores were too, especially with the Woodsman flashing the lights. Some of the other scenes didn't do that much for me (Bad Coop killing Darya or Judy/The Experiment's arrival in New York).
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Re: Creepiest/scariest scene(s) [Spoilers]

Postby AgentEcho » Sat Sep 09, 2017 11:33 am

Good call on the final Sarah scene. I agree it was the scariest scene in the Return.
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Re: Creepiest/scariest scene(s) [Spoilers]

Postby IcedOver » Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:13 pm

I didn't find one single scene to be "scary." As far as being well-done horror, only Part 8 would qualify, and maybe the Sarah bar scene if the FX weren't so shoddy. The series needed a lot more horror than it had.
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Re: Creepiest/scariest scene(s) [Spoilers]

Postby Ragnell » Sat Sep 09, 2017 2:56 pm

Pinky wrote:DoppelCoop's prison interview with Cole (at least the first one, before it became apparent that the voice is either a doppelganger quirk with electricity or he's just putting it on for a laugh whenever he meets old colleagues. Considering it was probably my favourite part of S3, it doesn't make much sense. He's relatively normal around everyone else but when it comes to someone he actually knows (and has a vested interest in convincing him that he's in fact the real Coop) he decides to put on a basso profundo take on James Mason and be as evil as he can be. Still my favourite scene, though.

Seriously. Part of what's scary here is when you realize what this means about Dale. The Doppelganger has no skill in subterfuge or deception whatsoever. This means that whatever small amount of deception Dale has, it's actually tied to his positive traits. The Doppelganger seems to be without any real social skill whatsoever, he's always threatening and inscrutable around people, and he kills nearly everyone he spends more than one scene with. What I gathered from this inability to speak normally to his old colleages was the complete absence of any warmth or love in this being, and the knowledge of this. That's just freaky.
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Re: Creepiest/scariest scene(s) [Spoilers]

Postby Nikki Grace » Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:22 am

IcedOver wrote:I didn't find one single scene to be "scary." As far as being well-done horror, only Part 8 would qualify, and maybe the Sarah bar scene if the FX weren't so shoddy. The series needed a lot more horror than it had.

The FX is meant to be like Lynch's paintings. Check out The Art Life if you want a glimpse of them.

For me, the scariest scenes:

When Cooper meets Naido in episode three. The editing makes me feel uneasy, and Judy banging on the door to get in.
Cooper's prison conversation with Gordon and Diane.
Sarah possessed by Judy in the bar and in episode 17.
The Woodsman.
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Re: Creepiest/scariest scene(s) [Spoilers]

Postby windh » Sun Sep 10, 2017 2:27 pm

tresojos wrote:the first woodnman we saw in jail was the creepiest scene for me

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Re: Creepiest/scariest scene(s) [Spoilers]

Postby Trudy Chelgren » Thu Sep 14, 2017 4:40 am

-The long drive from Odessa to Twin Peaks. The sound design, that high sustained discordance. The following car. Carrie's inane dialogue, and then coming out with "I was
too young to know any better".

- Sarah. Talking to Hawk, her dead eyes. Something in the kitchen. "Men are coming", and "something happened to me". Her inhuman noises before she smashed Laura's

- The doppelganger's first prison interview was terrifying. Unsettling in a slow, unfurling way. The way he stood in the Hasting's dimly lit living room, like a shell of a human;
propped up and watching.

- The diner scene with Ray, Jack, Mr. C and Darya. The doppelganger looks like he's reading their minds. The suspicion of it all.

- Andy's "I have to get you all upstairs", and "very important, very important!" The urgency, and his faint recollection.

- Hastings' first questioning; his lack of understanding and fear.

- The first appearance of the Mitchum brothers. Far from the sweet, generous people we see them as later on. "Leave town. Don't ever come back."

- Richard and Linda's sex scene.

- Red and Richard's talk. Red, a character so weird and overacted it became disorienting. Richard reduced to a scared child.

- Obviously, Audrey's final moment.

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