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The connection between Sycamores and portals

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 2:04 am
by claaa7
some people during the run really disliked the fact that the portals to the otherwordly realms was no longer just located to Glastonberry Grove with its mystical circle of 12 sycamores, but rather seemed to pop up all over the place. i myself wasn't quite comfortable with this either, and especially with the London East End story which seemed to come out of nowhere. browsing through the excellent 25 years later site, i came across this wonderful article by my fellow Swede Gisela Fleischer called "The connection between Sycamores and portals". she has discovered that all places that are shown to have other wordly portals in Twin Peaks are in one way connected to either physical Sycamore trees or located on places named something with Sycamore. this is to me a great discovery.

we have Sycamore Street in Rancho Rosa, Nevada, LV were Dougie switches place with Cooper.

we have, of course, Glastonberry Grove with its 12 sycamores.

we have 2440 Sycamore in North Dakota, Buckhorn where Bill Hastings and Ruth Davenport enters The Zone.

Gisela discovered that there's a street called Sycamore Street in East End with what looks like an alleyway that could very well connect to Freddie's story. she also discovered 24 Sycamores park in Manhattan. could this be where the Glass Box experiment is located?

additionally at the site located 253 yards east of Jack Rabbit's Palace the tree that seems to be floating in the air above the puddle is almost definitely a sycamore tree.

Again all of the credit for this goes to Gisela but i think everyone who enjoys the series might enjoy this cool bit of info as it in my opinion once again points to an incredible amount of detail in the story by Frost and Lynch, even when we don't see it on the surface level. Lynch is known for this on a visual level, like placing dust under the radiator on Blue Velvet or cracking an egg in a corner on the set of Lost Highway despite it not even showing on screen.

read Gisela's two articles (with pictures and video) here - ... ls-part-2/

Re: The connection between Sycamores and portals

Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 4:54 pm
by Fred
Thanks for this.