I think I found the Origin of the Superimposed Coop

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I think I found the Origin of the Superimposed Coop

Postby krishnanspace » Tue Oct 24, 2017 9:37 am

After the lights go out in the Sheriff Station,we get a clear image of the Superimposed Coop.He is not in the Red Room as the background is something that is Black in color.Later Coop meets Jeffries and he tells him about Feb 23,1989 and Jeffries tells him to "Remember".Coop closes his eyes.Next scene he is in FWWM.What I think happened was that Cooper never Physically Time Travelled.All of it was just going on in his head.I feel it was the Coop who closed his eyes and remembered Feb 23 who said "We Live Inside a Dream".Both the images have the Same background which leads me to conclude the above.What do you Tweakers think?
Here are the screenshots:https://imgur.com/a/zRPB8

When Jeffries vanished in 1988 and appeared in 86 the Vfx suggests he physically Time Traveled,like the smoke and blackening of the walls behind him,plus his lips were bleeding because of the time traveling.Here with Coop,the Vfx suggests like its just a projection of Coop who was there.The same Vfx was also used in Remember 430 scene in the beginning ,which suggested it was a Projection of Cooper we are seeing.When Andy also visited the Fireman he Physically vanished from Jack Rabbits place and went to the Firemans place.If Cooper actually (Physically)Time Traveled from Jeffries's place Lynch could have used the same Vfx they used when Andy vanished or in Part 15 when Mr.C is transported from the Convenience Store.No Vfx or Editing Tricks were used.Just Coop closing his eyes and "Remembering".

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