Laura killing BOB/Cooper's search

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Laura killing BOB/Cooper's search

Postby Exar Kun » Tue Oct 24, 2017 5:32 pm

Hello everyone. It occured to me that the dead body in Page's house is BOB. The guy is shot in the head with an assault rifle. He had the same scar doppelcoop had when BOB burst out of his stomach. Now maybe as Carrie she doesn't understand who she shot there, but the point I think is she can save herself. The whole scene felt so unreal yet so fitting. Very powerful scene... I see she is very strong somewhere deep down. This I think is symbolic that she, no matter what situation she finds herself in, finds a way to protect herself. She's fractured, she's scared, scarred but she somehow finds a way out. It happened before in a way in the past. When Coop reached out to her and told her to not wear the ring, she disregards it and intuitively wears the ring possibly averting a fate worse for her.

And somehow, Coop forgets that she was already saved. That he was with her at the end of FWWM standing right beside her as the angels appeared before her. She was happy. Crying with happiness after all is done. It was such a powerful scene. And the next thing he had to do was to save himself. Right? But no. It feels like a crack appeared in his soul/mind when he saw Naido changed into Diane, and he returned to where he was before. Even after Laura's story was finished, he acts like it had to continue.... forgetting Annie, forgetting himself, and repeating it all. Just like Doppelcoop was searching for JUDY, and how he doesn't even know what or who it is.

After spending 25 years in the lodge, he falls into a trap becoming another version of himself, goes into a coma when trying to get out, then when he finally gets out of the coma, he goes on to a story that was finished long ago, refusing to move on. Who would do that? Why would anyone do all of this even after all the things they've lived through? Maybe what the Giant/Fireman says in the first scene happens after all, and is to remind Coop on a cosmic level how catastrophic the things that he has done, and now that Judy invaded their house, how far away he is from understanding anything even if he says he undertstands.... and then we see him getting erased from the scene. That same effect which only appeared 2 times in the season; one was when Laura's body disappeared, the next was when he appeared in the forest in 1989. Where is he now? Nonexistent?

Remember the first scene we saw in the red room when Laura got pulled away after she whispers in Cooper's ear. The scene felt so strong and very out of place it has a very similar effect of the last scene when you think about it... Because we all know what happened in the end of FWWM.... Maybe this is a ripple effect that was created in the future/past when Coop messes with the timeline. It somehow damaged the way this universe works. Lynch is all about the experience, intuition and how movies can be like music. And after a month when I think about it all, it hits me really hard leaving me out of breath. This is really really wrong and whatever happened feels like the worst fate for him. Before he was ready to move on with Annie. Even the lodge or the coma didn't affect him the way it did when the Naido/Diane turnover happened. He seemed 100% Cooper after he woke up. What is so important on that particular scene? What was the thing that he saw in Naido?

Anyways I'd wanted to share and like to hear your thoughts on this.
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Re: Laura killing BOB/Cooper's search

Postby Isis Unveiled » Sun Oct 29, 2017 4:56 pm

I think that when DoppleCoop came out of the lodge at the end of Season 2 he went on to kill Diane, perhaps he carved her eyes out?

The thing is that the good Coop is in the lodge, therefor he has only an indirect knowledge of Diane's fate at the hands of his shadow self, or so I'm guessing. This seems to be the case for he is ignorant of Naido in the beginning episodes where he's traversing the lodge.

So the real Coop has a subconscious tick when he gazes upon Naido in episode 18, because her presence reminds Coop of the black lodge where he first met Naido. His response is very sobering, and he we see his subconscious self superimposed in the background in a fading B&W light.

I'm rather curious about what he says to Diane immediately after she transforms from Naido.

He says:

"Do you remember everything?"

She says:


What is it that they remember? Is it their lives as Richard & Linda? Was Diane ever in the lodge as herself and not as Naido and did the good Coop interact with her while she was in there?
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