Black Lodge/White Lodge mythology

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Re: Black Lodge/White Lodge mythology

Postby eyeboogers » Fri Nov 02, 2018 2:28 pm

LateReg wrote:
missoulamt wrote:I am just rewatching TR in its entirety and it didn't strike me on the first viewing, but I now just noticed a striking similarity between Jack Rabbit's Palace and the large rock in the big sea that Cooper falls down onto. Anyone else thought of that? :)

Yes, I definitely think Jack Rabbits Palace tree very much looks like the Fireman's home on the sea. The zooming in and upwards shot of it in Part 14 is even similar to the shot of the fortress in Part 8, with the protruding steeple like thing at the top of both sealing the deal.

Yep, also think this one is quite clear.
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Re: Black Lodge/White Lodge mythology

Postby Mr. Reindeer » Tue Mar 17, 2020 8:29 pm

Mr. Reindeer wrote:
Isis Unveiled wrote:I wouldn't go so far as to say that TP is a thinly cloaked Isis Unveiled, however, most of the logic behind the occult/magic/supernatural forces in TP is defined by Blavatsky in Isis Unveiled vol 1 (Science). Particularly, her description of electricity as a life force and a conduit for spiritual machination offers a framework for how electricity is used by the woodsmen in the convenience store, and also establishes a connection to an existing ideology in popular culture.

The electricity thing is fascinating. I believe you and I have discussed this before...but the “electricity as a life force and a conduit for spiritual machination” arises primarily from FWWM (and to a lesser extent the European Pilot “closed ending”), both of which were created with very minimal input from Frost by most accounts. There is little to no reference to electricity-as-spitirual-conduit anywhere else in the original show. And DKL had been fascinated with this very theme in earnest since Eraserhead (e.g., surging electricity when Henry kills the baby) and as a major theme since his second script, Ronnie Rocket. So I tend to attribute those elements to him, personally. Which is not to say that Mark didn’t make the connection to Blavatsky and enthusiastically latch onto those elements (as he did with the ring) in TP:TR and particularly TSHoTP. But, for me, all the evidence points to DKL being the initial party responsible for the “electricity” motif/theme.

Not to beat a very old horse, but this Frost quote from page 106 of David Bushman’s wonderful and essential new book Conversations with Mark Frost backs me up:

“I know Lynch always had a childlike fascination and fear of electricity, so that appears in Ronnie Rocket and other things he’s done over the years. That’s clearly his influence. Electricity doesn’t trouble me the way it does him. I plug something into a wall socket, and it makes something else work; that’s the extent of it for me. But he’s always had a fear and fascination of it that frankly I don’t share.”

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