An Interesting Connection: Parts 13 & 18

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An Interesting Connection: Parts 13 & 18

Postby Sidgwick » Sat May 05, 2018 12:39 am

Apologies if this has been pointed out previously. I withdrew from Dugpa after The Return ended. I needed a clean break from the addiction.

As Part 13 draws to a close, a glum Ed Hurley is very briefly removed from his morose state. His eyes narrow, honed in on an object of interest. He then resumes eating soup. At the time, an editing glitch or something like it compelled some fans to create a tulpa on his behalf. I do think however that there is SOMETHING in that moment.

In Part 18, as Richard drives through a barren, eerie version of Twin Peaks, he passes a gas station. It isn't Ed's. Or perhaps it is one and the same. A second car follows seconds later. In Part 13, watch as Ed is stirred. Two cars pass. Deja vu? Some intersecting cosmic reverberation?

Lynch recently spoke of a "string of dreams".

Ed looks on, perhaps very faintly aware, subconsciously, of a concurrent reality. Richard drives. Does Richard follow in the second car, doomed to repeat the same mistake in a loop? Is this why he wears such an apprehensive expression? Is this a reality looking towards a second reality as a further reality encroaches?

2:53. Time and time again.

What's interesting is that we were also, only slightly more overtly, altered to some temporal shift at the conclusion of two more Parts: 7 and 16. The timing of the sequence lends it intrigue, as well as pathos.
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Re: An Interesting Connection: Parts 13 & 18

Postby LateReg » Sat May 05, 2018 5:52 pm

Wonderful! Thank you, I will look for it on my current viewing. Is the temporal shift you refer to at the end of 16 the Audrey white room, or something else?
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Jerry Horne
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Re: An Interesting Connection: Parts 13 & 18

Postby Jerry Horne » Sun May 06, 2018 12:08 pm

Good stuff. When I read your post I instantly thought of the ending to Part 7 in the Double R. We see the interior in a split fashion. Then the episode ends with two different music tracks playing over each other. I'm starting to watch the series again and am now wondering if multiple timelines (sometimes merging together?) isn't a major theme to the show. I've always wondered if Cooper's question at the end of the series was flawed. Shouldn't he have asked what timeline is this?

Time and time again.
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Re: An Interesting Connection: Parts 13 & 18

Postby TheAlien » Sun May 06, 2018 11:03 pm

I wish someone'd make a video syncing those two moments together, it sounds sort of feasible (compared to other instances like the 17&18 sync)
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