What would a Season 4 be about?

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Re: What would a Season 4 be about?

Postby boske » Fri Feb 22, 2019 7:24 am

  • Three cowboys in Odessa;
  • Laura, Maddy, Carrie;
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Re: What would a Season 4 be about?

Postby Cappy » Fri Feb 22, 2019 7:35 am

One plot dangler from S3: Becky Burnett's fate.

Steven, her husband, seems to shoot himself while in a drug fueled mania, but not before babbling about how "she made me do it." That, coupled with the ominous shot of the Burnett trailer after this sequence, seemed to suggest some dark ending for Becky, who was not seen after this.

I think Mark Frost has gone on record saying that Becky most certainly isn't dead, and I liked her character so I hope she would still be alive in a potential S4. But just one weird thing about her (or, I guess Amanda Seyfried): I don't think she really resembles Madchen Amick. I'm usually not one to get hung up on TV/Movie relatives not looking anything alike, but I guess what's weird to me about Becky Burnett is that she looks way more like Heather Graham/Annie than her actual TV mom.

This might not be the best idea, but for the sake of speculating about a S4: what if Becky Burnett is actually the daughter of Annie and Mr. C (or regular Cooper - they did consummate their relationship right before they went into the lodge)? I think that the prospect of another coma-rape-pregnancy could be too much, as we already have one in Richard Horne. This would also risk a sort of 'Skywalker syndrome', where the only (or most) important characters are the ones of a certain special bloodline, reducing all other characters to a very secondary status.

But even with those issues, a story arc of Becky putting her life together after her husband's suicide and finding out some hard truths about her family could provide some narrative thrust for S4. Cooper/Mr. C did a lot of things to upset various Spirit World entities, so it would be within the realm of possibility that The Arm or The Woodsmen or The Experiment could encroach on Becky as a way of getting back at Coop or finding his current whereabouts. It could be like a supernatural version of Winter's Bone: a girl has to find her missing father or face the wrath of powers beyond her control.

I don't think it would be totally implausible that a comatose Annie could've had a child, and that Shelly and Bobby could have adopted her. Look at the way Norma always looks at Becky, with that sort of grave, motherly concern (obviously people don't have to be blood related to have those sort of feelings for each other). There was also all those weird continuity problems swirling around Norma in Secret History that suggested Annie didn't exist, and then that ridiculous over-explanation for Annie in Final Dossier -- I feel like Frost had something interesting cooking around Annie, but they ultimately didn't go down that road for whatever reason.
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Re: What would a Season 4 be about?

Postby boske » Fri Feb 22, 2019 8:06 am

Not sure. Come think of it, the young waitress in Odessa diner looks way more similar to Annie. Apropos Becky, could Leo still somehow be the father? I remember when I saw the Becky car scene that the same color palette was used as when Dougie got sent to the lodge.

Becky.jpg (29.34 KiB) Viewed 5896 times

Crimson, Amber, and White. Becky was on drugs, wasn't she?

Dougie.png (122.39 KiB) Viewed 5896 times

That cannot be a coincidence.

Going back to Odessa diner scene (which I re-watched on YT a few days ago), there are a few other things that caught my attention. There is some sort of similarity between the man eating with his wife and that man from FWWM diner (who asked "is this about that little girl that got killed?"). And then a parallel between deep-fried oil and scorched engine oil. This time though it is not the waitress that was killed, but killed somebody herself instead.

Similar motifs, patterns, and sometimes even colors recurring.
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Re: What would a Season 4 be about?

Postby Cappy » Fri Feb 22, 2019 9:04 am

Nice catch on the color similarities, I somehow missed that entirely. If it's not coincidental, then what does it mean or suggest? It could be sort of just a casual link between scenes. I feel like S3 kinda does that -- Jerry Horne screaming about someone stealing his car echoing the police questioning Dougie about his car being stolen/missing, and Candy describing the scene with all the cars and people being reminiscent of the chaos outside of the RR when that gun goes off. But maybe this suggests some sort of deeper connection between Becky and Cooper or Dougie.

The waitress in Odessa in interesting - I don't see much resemblance to Annie but she looks like Becky to me. I wouldn't be opposed to Leo being Becky's biological dad, but I do see some slight resemblance between Bobby and Becky though. But the Odessa waitress, Kristi, she gives Coop the address (coordinates anyone?) for Carrie Page, so she definitely has significance in that regard.

I still don't know what to make of the deep fried guns thing. I wonder if that's something that was specifically laid out in the script, or if it was some spontaneous Lynch-ian thing conjured up while filming.
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Re: What would a Season 4 be about?

Postby boske » Fri Feb 22, 2019 10:00 am

I am not sure myself either honestly. Maybe drugs are one of the ways to reach the lodge (higher states of consciousness in oneself), and a wrong one at that for sure, and this new drug in TP that Red is peddling may have something to do with that. A similar jacket is featured in Blue Velvet (Is it a detective that wears it? I do not remember, it has been a while now, was he running drugs?).

DougieCoop jacket color is Tea Green I think, and Green tea is what Dougie's coworkers (and us fine folks too), have to settle with since Dougie slurped their coffee. One way of looking at it.

When I first saw those scenes about cars. I had an idea that a stolen car was a parable for the fact that Cooper's body has been taken over by Mr. C, so DougieCoop as his soul is incapacitated while Mr C is running the show, until his car overturns. Dougie's car exploded, and Dougie himself imploded in the lodge, interesting parallels indeed.

Similarly for Jerry Horne, he is so high that he can't find his car (he has no awareness of his body). Who knows.
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Re: What would a Season 4 be about?

Postby Nighthawk » Fri Feb 22, 2019 11:12 am

Difficult to talk about the potential content of S4 if we don't really know how S3 ended. For the sake of speculating, I'll go with my interpretation, provided in another thread, where Laura was sent to counteract Judy and where Odessa/Twin Peaks reality was created by The Fireman to lure and trap The Mother. I suppose following Laura's scream at the end of S3, Cooper could get flung back to "our" reality, now altered to where Laura Palmer was not murdered, but merely disappeared. Carrie should be separated and either stuck in the alternate realm or in the waiting room. S4 could then focus on Cooper, Gordon, Tammy, Hawk, and Truman renewing their efforts searching for Laura and attempting to stop Judy at the same time. I would hope that events would be refocused on Twin Peaks once again. Sarah Palmer and Red could be the main "human" antagonists with Judy, of course, as the main villain.

It's never going to happen, but it would make for a pretty cool S4 for me...
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Re: What would a Season 4 be about?

Postby LateReg » Fri Feb 22, 2019 12:06 pm

@boske and Cappy

There is another parallel with the stolen car. Jerry states his car is stolen, and later in the same Part we find out that Richard stole/borrowed the car that he used in the hit and run. At the time, my mind immediately went to the hit-and-run truck belonging to Jerry (as though he'd somehow get in trouble for it), but that was proven wrong 20 minutes later when it was revealed that it still wasn't Richard's truck, but rather the truck of the dude that Andy was interrogating, who later disappeared.
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Re: What would a Season 4 be about?

Postby Mr. Strawberry » Fri Feb 22, 2019 1:54 pm

Hester Prynne wrote:I read online that Naido in Japanese Buddhism stands for "inner path," but I don't know if that is correct or just something a fan posted. So, Cooper's inner path is blind/cannot see and cannot communicate.

Dido is also referred to as Elisha in some texts which can stand for "fire" or "woman," but it can also stand for God is satisfaction.

As a Japanese speaker I can confirm and expand upon a couple things regarding Naido / Diane.

- Japanese -

Naido means "A ruler's private property"

Naido (with a long o) means "inner way" but references "Buddhist teachings", as opposed to Gaido or "outer ways" which would be "non-Buddhist teachings"

These definitions may not make sense in the context of The Return, but regardless, no one refers to this entity / person as "Naido" anywhere in the story so maybe we're putting too much emphasis on the meaning of the name. It may simply be a label chosen for the credits, perhaps even one whimsically selected by the actress herself, as she is a native speaker of Japanese.

- Lodgespeak -

If Naido is indeed supposed to be a Japanese word or name then it actually does come very close to being Lodge-Speak for Diane.

"Diane" is made up of four characters when written in Japanese:

da - i - a - n

If you Lodge-Speak these characters, you get:

n - a - i - da

That's pretty darn close to "naido".

Note that "daian" means "alternate plan" in Japanese, making it at least plausible that "naida" was originally intended but was misheard or changed along the way, accidentally or otherwise. Again this could have originated with the actress after she became familiar with Lodge-Speak.

LateReg wrote:Someone had also once pointed out that some Asian languages sometimes put an "o" at the end of certain words, but I'm not up on that sort of thing other than seeing it here and there in foreign films.

That's a result of Japanese pairing consonants with vowels. Check out the kana and you'll notice, for example, that there is no independent "d" sound, so if someone is writing or saying the English word "hand" then it's going to be "hando".

ha - n - do

Or if the word is "Bike" then it's going to be "baiku".

ba - i - ku

"n" is the only independent consonant in Japanese, all others are paired with vowels. For this reason the kana scripts are syllabaries as opposed to alphabets.
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Re: What would a Season 4 be about?

Postby boske » Sat Feb 23, 2019 8:10 am

Outstanding information Mr. Strawberry.

For no apparent reason, I went back to thinking about Richard and Linda. Knowing what happened between Dale and Diane, on the idea of anima and animus, or of the myth of Androgyne.

Richard and Linda, two birds with one stone:

Bird.png (26.04 KiB) Viewed 6052 times

Linda left, Richard failed, Cooper has not been made complete yet.
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Re: What would a Season 4 be about?

Postby blueangel » Sun Feb 24, 2019 12:57 am

All of the usual suspects of Twin Peaks trapped in scattered alternative time warps but relating to one another. And the electricity is on FIRE.
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Re: What would a Season 4 be about?

Postby Poiuyt » Sun Feb 24, 2019 11:57 pm

One word... nothing.
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Re: What would a Season 4 be about?

Postby mister11 » Mon Feb 25, 2019 5:28 am

I think Season 4 will involve Dale and Laura wandering through dimly-lit hotels.
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Re: What would a Season 4 be about?

Postby boske » Tue Feb 26, 2019 3:38 am

Alright, back to what season four could be about. We have been repeatedly told that we could not go back. The only option then is to press forward. Cooper spent roughly 12 parts in the Dougie Land (mythology-wise, this may also tie in to the Egyptian Book of the Dead), and he will now have to attempt to break through to White Lodge, not simply go back trying to save Laura. He may have to face Mr. C himself this time, and not depend on some weird gloved cockney kid from East London. And we may get to find out just who the Jumping Man is.

In FWWM we saw electrical poles with number 6, Jeffries tried to get to the 7th floor but got stuck between the 6th and 7th. In Season 3, Dougie "works" at "Lucky 7", Jeffries is inside of a Tin Machine at level 8, above the convenience store. Thus season 4 may bring some electrical poles that sport number 9, while Cooper gets his own number 10. The Arm may evolve further, and yes, we could see more Chad. :-)
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Re: What would a Season 4 be about?

Postby Burns's Suite » Tue Feb 26, 2019 3:25 pm

Okay guys, I had a dream last night about season 4. It was about Cooper and Carrie being taken back to the 1960's. They somehow ended up being involved in escapades with a younger Major Briggs and Chet Desmond. I don't remember a whole lot about the dream, but I remember the penultimate episode ended with a nuclear warhead having been stolen from an air force base in the 60s, only for the finale to be another very abstract episode following Cooper's return to the future.

Now, strangely enough I wake up and see this post by Kyle Maclachlan linked through Reddit: https://mobile.twitter.com/Kyle_MacLach ... 7008315393

What year is this?
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Re: What would a Season 4 be about?

Postby Trudy Chelgren » Tue Feb 26, 2019 5:29 pm

I want to say that '1967' is a weirdly specific thing to respond to that question with, but Kyle has said things on Twitter before that people have gone crazy over for no reason. But the Showtime TP twitter retweeted it, so that's something...

I felt like Frost's ellipses after his obligatory 'happy Twin Peaks day' tweet was more interesting.

But to dream about the 60's, and then read this must be pretty insane. My Twin Peaks dreams before The Return were all wrong except for intentionally crude CG.

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