Newbies' thoughts on Twin Peaks

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Newbies' thoughts on Twin Peaks

Postby The Magician » Mon Aug 25, 2008 4:45 pm

So, I have been off of this forum for quite sometime, but now I am finally back to do something I had wanted to do for awhile.

First off, some bragging: I am very proud to announce that over 30 people aged 16 to 23 in the Snahomish County area of Washington are now obsessed with Twin Peaks, all thanks to me introducing it to them. Specifically, four of my closest friends and I watched every episode over 8 different get togethers of 3 to 5 episode chunks. I was very careful not to spoil anything for them, or feed them any opinions about the show, either mine or others', that would change their views. I am now excited to report to you what these unbiased art fans thought of the series.

First off, they all now believe it to be the best television series ever made, and have introduced it to all of their friends. They even began dressing up, making drinks and signs, even bringing props and food to the parties. It is now 3 months later, and they are incorporating aspects of the show into their bands' performances, daily interactions, and whatnot. Any owl sightings any of us have is reported to one another.

The favorite episode of the group is Episode 23, with Episodes 16, 14, 8, 29, 27, 28, 2 and 7 all runners up. The least favorite episodes are Episode 11 and 17.

Favorite characters are Cooper, Audry, Truman, John Justice Wheeler, Windom Earle, Bobby Briggs, Albert Rosenfield, Maddy, Denise Bryson, Heidi (the giggling German) and The Log Lady.

Least favorite characters are James, Evelyn, Lucy(!!!), Dick Tremayne, and Phillip Gerrard(!!!). That really surprised me.

Favorite plotlines were:
anything with owls,
Audry's growth from child to woman,
Coop and Truman's friendship,
Nadine's amnesia and superstrength,
Windom Earl's search for the Black Lodge,
Little Nicky,
Leo Johnson's coma,
Who was Lucy's baby?,
and Audry and Jack's short-lived romance

The favorite dramatic scenes that made the most impact on them were:
The scene with Cooper and John Justice Wheeler at the fireplace discussing love (this was everyone's favorite scene)
Bobby and his father discussing his dream in the dinner
Leland's death scene
The meeting in the Roadhouse (with the chewing gum)
The bank explosion
Audrey and John Justice Wheeler at the diner table

The favorite frightening scenes were:
Laura's death, depicted in Cooper's dream
Maddy's vision of BOB walking directly into the camera
Maddy's death
Josie's death, and BOB's reappearance
Leo's revival, attacking Shelly
The Black Lodge sequence from the final episode
Leo finding Windom's cabin
Major Brigg's abduction

The favorite comedy scenes:
Cooper shot, and the world's most decrepit room service waiter entering
Nadine launching the male student through the air
Mike whispering to Bobby, and Bobby screaming
Denise Bryson's appearance
The llama walking between Cooper and Truman
Hank about to kill Big Ed, but Nadine entering and hospitalizing him
Leland singing, and the Horne brothers dancing
The Pine Weasel biting and running amok
Andy stepping on the plank of wood

Favorite actors:
Ray Wise, Kyle MacLachlan, Billy Zane, Sherilyn Fenn, Kenneth Welsh, Michael Ontkean and Michael Parks

So, there you have it. I would love to know what you long time Twin Peaks fans think of these new impressions made by enthusiastic youngsters? Thoughts?
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Re: Newbies' thoughts on Twin Peaks

Postby garethw » Mon Aug 25, 2008 7:07 pm

That's quite interesting, Magician.

I'm not sure how many long-time fans would list 23 amongst their top 10 episodes, let alone the #1 - and I mean no disrespect.

What was it that they liked? The Andrew Packard reveal? Josie goes all.. woodsie? "the Chef just tried to stab Jerry"? It's one of the episodes that critics pan - which is not nec. a bad thing.

I'm also surprised that JJ Wheeler was so well-loved - again, he lists amongst my least favs.

I'd be interested to hear more about they "why" - might bring new light to my appreciation.


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