Doughnuts (A short-movie)

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Doughnuts (A short-movie)

Postby kafard » Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:10 am

Directed, edited, played, written by Damien Anrès.

Some explanations :
First : I'm sorry for the images but they are coming from a VHS which is old of more than 18 years!!! And, this is an amateur's short-movie with ZERO budget!!!
This 'short'-movie was shoot in 1992, I was 17 years old. I was watching a lot a movies (Hitchcock, Fellini, Lynch, and others....) I do like a lot the serie Twin Peaks and not so much the movie Twin Peaks fire walk with me (at this time).
But, one day, I decided to make a homage to Twin Peaks but with my own ideas. This short-movie starts slowly, there is a lot of clin d'oeils at twin peaks but the main idea is not a twin peaks 'stuff', it's an another "thing". When I had finished this short, I was very disappointed because I couldn't express what I really want. On this moment on I just decided to write a script for letting my imagination goes, and I do love that script more than this short! But, doing this short was a LOT of fun! Good souvenirs!

So see this short-movie like a homage to "Twin Peaks" but not with the twin peaks ideas!



I do not own the musics inside this short!

There is :
-"Ludwig Von B" ost
-"The prisoner (the serie) ost
-"Blue Velvet" ost
-"Twin peaks" (the series) ost and "twin peaks fire walk with me" ost
- The doors with : "break on trough", "the unknown soldier" and "the end".
- "Eraserhead" ost
- "Twin Peaks" sounds
-"Lost Highway" ost.


(sorry for my english :oops: )
A french little guy named : Dam.

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