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Re: See You In 25 Years

Postby GeekBoyEric74 » Mon May 25, 2015 4:07 am

Si78 wrote:Just looking at the timing and what we know, it's entirely possible that Jerry Horne (with help from GeekBoy's rumor) caused the revival.

2011. David and Mark having lunch. Mark: Someone on twitter asked if we're bring back TP. It's close to 25 years. David: Hmmm. :lol: Well done!

I forgot I ever mentioned that rumor here, four years ago. I guess I can say it now; the person who told me was a good friend who sat on the board at Disney (or more to the point, was the representative of someone on the board who was important who was too ill to attend meetings) He gave me all the insider information regarding ABC's desire for more Twin Peaks. I never got too much detail from him about it, but he always told me that Peaks would definitely be back sooner rather than later. I kind of scoffed at him, telling him Lynch would never do it, but it turns out he was right in the end. He passed away a year and a half ago, but sometimes I can still hear him in my head saying "told ya."
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Re: See You In 25 Years

Postby Ygdrasel » Wed May 27, 2015 2:08 pm

underthefan wrote:Anything he could come up with today, in whatever form, would never be able to live up to the original and it would thus inevitably be a disappointment...

Setting aside the rest of that for now, this part in particular just reads like a nostalgia filter. We should all avoid that. :P
Twin Peaks has layers, man. Twin Peaks is an onion. 8)
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Re: See You In 25 Years

Postby Gabriel » Sun May 31, 2015 2:23 am

Ygdrasel wrote:wussing up all our bad guys with mostly-terrible 'tragic' backstories that don't even succeed in creating any sympathy (in media - Maleficent, Dracula, etcetera...), I still want BOB or the Lodge to win out at season three's end.

Yeah, I agree. Dracula was a guy whose cruelty is legendary: a man who impaled living people on stakes, who chopped off people's heads and boiled them in kettles.

I think what freaks out some modern audiences with many of Lynch's bad guys is that they're really monsters. There's no case of 'Frank's a psychopathic rapist, but it's not his fault, because his mommy took away his favourite baseball when he was 11! Diddums!'

While Lynch deals with good and evil and the moral ambiguity in between, there isn't quite the moral equivalence you see nowadays; there's an old-school belief that good and evil exist, and that it's the job of good people to to fight bad people and save the people who are falling away from good into evil, giving them some kind of redemption. It's actually quite refreshing.
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Chester Desmond
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Re: See You In 25 Years

Postby Chester Desmond » Thu Sep 17, 2015 11:33 am

SMILLSOID wrote:Possibly. But I've heard strong rumours of a new Twin Peaks TV series.

This guy, right here folks!
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Chester Desmond
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Re: See You In 25 Years

Postby Chester Desmond » Thu Sep 17, 2015 11:34 am

Showtime! I called it back in 2011!

Chester Desmond wrote:I joined this forum just to chime in on this.

I sincerely hope Twin Peaks is revived, it's a testament to the strength of the characters and indeed their creators that we are still thinking about them 21 years later. Few Television programs have rivaled Twin Peaks, only X-FIles and LOST come to mind, and they certainly weren't better.

I think David Lynch's recent proclivity to self financing and distributing could breathe new life into the franchise. I do not know to what extent CBS Paramount, or ABC "own" the characters or if it's just rights to footage they own. I don't know if it feasible... I hope that it is.

A serialized return to Twin Peaks could be accommodated by premium television service providers like Showtime, HBO, or AMC.

Certainly the actors would be on board, none of them are really involved in anything that would prohibit a reunion. The characters they portrayed were certainly their most memorable, with the exception David Duchovny's Fox Mulder character.

With the mythology of the show being so bizarre and vigorous there's no reason why new characters could not be introduced as well. The only impedance I could see is Frank Silva's death because he was after all the non-corporeal embodiment of BOB. The people who see BOB are the gifted and damned... so many have see him in that form that it would be difficult to change the form. I guess another actor could portray BOB, just as Moria Kelly portrayed Donna in Fire Walk With Me.

Just throwing this out there: there are nearly two hundred thousand "likes" for the Twin Peaks page on Facebook, imagine if every one of those people wrote and mailed a letter to David Lynch asking him to bring back Twin Peaks, I think it would have an impact. Even a web based only series would be something.
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