What's in a name?

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What's in a name?

Postby SheWoreTheRing » Sun Nov 06, 2011 10:57 pm

Hi everyone,
I'm a huge Twin Peaks fan, writing from Tokyo, Japan. Hoping to contribute here as much as I can. I view Twin Peaks from a mystical approach, connecting it with psychology, spirituality, esoteric symbolism, etc.

First off, I thought it would be good to talk about character names.

These are a few names, just the basic ideas, that I and a friend (I'm marking his to not take credit) in this pursuit of connections have found.

Hester Prynne
Audrey Horne calls herself this at One-Eyed Jacks. Hester is the main character in The Scarlet Letter. This goes a little deeper, though. The sign/symbol of "One-Eyed Jacks" is a playing card with the "J" written with scarlet neon. "J" is the first hint Cooper gets which he uses for the Tibetan method. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/i ... _Jacks.PNG

Ronette Pulaski (my friend's idea)
Considering the whole thing with clients of one-eyed-jacks having sex with underage girls, it came to me - Ronette Pulaski is likely a reference to Roman Polanski.

The Horne Brothers
Although they are based on Jack and Bobby Kennedy (with some connections to look into there), they are named after Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Together they talk about almost nothing but food, and are always eating together. Eating some brie and butter bread at one point reminds them of when they were young performing cunnilingus on girls. ("You know what this reminds us of. Remember when we were kids.It reminds us of Jeanne and Jenny down by the river. Do you remember? Hmm.My god, your right. Am I right, am I right. Hmm.(laughs) Oh, no wonder!"). This denotes an oral fixation as well as being a symbol of a devouring greed, which is easy to find in the character. Ben is visibly orally obsessed, licking Catherine's feet, always smoking a cigar, and replacing the cigar with vegetables when he quits, etc.

Shelly Johnson (my friend's idea)
It is a poem by Percy Shelley that Windom Earle sends to the girls. Percy Shelley is the husband of Mary Shelley. Shelly's husband, after being shot, stabbed and then zombified by Earle, becomes a very Frankenstein-like monster, and the connection to Mary Shelley becomes more obvious. Even When Audrey reads the poem to Windom Earle masquerading as a professor, he bursts out "Shelley." Of course, he is identifying the poet, but it is also as if he is saying the poem is about Shelly. And when he sees her in the diner, he talks about how she inspires poetry and compares her to the Venus De Milo, which appears in the lodge. And Shelly's main problem in life is her "maryage."

Madeleine Ferguson
Hitchcock's "Vertigo" - the main characters are "Madeleine" Elster and Scottie "Ferguson". And of course, Madeleine in that film is a doppelganger (as Kim Novak plays both Madeleine Elster and Judy Barton), making a doubling of a doubling, as Laura Palmer and Maddy are also a double. Further, Emerald and Jade are played by one person in "Invitation to Love," opening this as a mise en abyme.

I've found more but would like to hear from some others! There are many more connections to poets from Britain in the show and in some of the character names (which includes connections to Josie, Gordon Cole, etc.). Glastonbury is connected with Cooper, I read a decent essay on Wieland/Leland,

Did Mark Frost ever say where the name Windom Earle came from? What do you think about the pairing of MIKE and BOB with Mike Nelson and Bobby Briggs? What about Packard and Martell?

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