Still surprisable after all these years?

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Still surprisable after all these years?

Postby BOB1 » Mon Jun 18, 2012 10:53 pm

One would think that after so many times you've watched Twin Peaks there might lack some freshness. You enjoy what you've always enjoyed and learned to live with things you enjoy a bit less but well, okay. Depending on the mood, sometimes it moves you really deeply and sometimes it's more of a habit that these are the scenes that really make me WOW!. But it's still more or less the same.

Or is it?

What I am interested in, are stories about how quite unexpectedly you found yourself moved, shaken or just pleased by something you had not cared much about before. Perhaps you've come to like some characters or plots that you previously thought were lame? Or the opposite - as years went by, you came to a conclusion that something that was important for you suddenly seems out of place.

I have very recently found myself surprised because upon watching Episodes 24 and 25 for the first time in my life I liked Annie :idea: I'd always think she was deadpan in her behaviour and linked to the Cooper storyline in a rather artificial way. But suddenly it struck me that, wow, she really is something. I think I realised what Coop could have seen about her other than a pretty face. She is daring, she gives unexpected answers, she says things that others don't say. Cooper wishes he could see the world with her eye but perhaps it's not as much the matter of perceiving the world as it is of her ways of expressing how she sees it and feels about it. No smalltalk, no roundabouts, but a real will to find her new place in life. She is simply much more direct and genuine in her reactions than most people. Even Heather Graham's strange way of acting started making sense: if Annie is a person who is tense and anxious about things but at the same time has her eyes very wide open and is determined to learn about life - that's the way she could behave.

For instance - a tiny thing - but I really liked her in the rum-ordering scene when I watched it yesterday. I don't know what I want but I want it. And I'll have it. She is embarassed but she is not afraid.

Hey, why don't you look at Twin Peaks as if you just left a convent and share your unexpected likes and dislikes! :)
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