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Twin Peaks, Season 3

Postby Avidfan » Fri Jun 22, 2012 11:34 am

I was thinking of a way the series could have continued on network while retaining its uniqueness. They should have jumped into another murder that BOB would reveal before Leland died. I'm talking the Blue Rose Murders. My premise was that these murders were committed by a group of pre-programmed killers, Manchurian Candidates.

Like this: ... ure=relmfu

Twin Peaks the series was about chasing one of these killers: host Leland with his undetectable program called BOB. Others had BOB within them: Earle, Josie, Cooper, Laura. In FWWM, both Leland and Laura were activated (red room) but cokehead Laura resisted and...

A number of these psychopathic archetypes were shown in the convenience store scene. It was like a weirdo hall of fame of the different types of serial killers that you can place in a brain of a host. Once activated (red room), the host experiences missing time (amnesia) when in the Black Lodge and appears normal in public unless they're beating someone to death.

These dark passengers were triggered (post-hypnotic suggestion) with either a phrase, object or action, or a combination. In Leland-BOB's case: fire walk with me.

Can anyone speculate about the two others at the back of the convenience store scene, one with a cane and one on the couch?

So the series continues with season three with the FBI hunting killers hiding in plain sight. The death of Leland did not have to end TP and this bizarre inland empire. Does anyone see it this way?
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Re: Twin Peaks, Season 3

Postby Lynch-D » Sat Jun 23, 2012 5:13 am

INLAND EMPIRE is brilliant. As soon as somebody writes a synopsis people can get their heads around it'll be hailed as a masterpiece a la FWWM, Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive. The masses hate everything DL does until someone explains it to them.

"Cokehead Laura" has misogynistic overtones. And I believe the outline you're pitching was already made as Dark Skies?

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