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Paul Thomas Anderson's shout-out to TP

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 4:28 pm
by HungerCity
I've day-dreamed a lot about making something long form, sure. It would be a thrill and challenge to tackle something so spread out. It's usually at some point in writing when you think, "what if i just didn't try and contain this story and really let it loose....." thoughts drift to mini-series, long form HBO stuff, etc.......but it's usually followed by a brain-freeze and "naaaah." Maybe someday. TV shows? old Larry Sanders, Curb Your Enthusiasm. anything on TCM. I miss Twin Peaks. I still need to watch The Wire, which (i know, i know) everyone says is the greatest thing ever.

Just a very brief mention, but it's a nice surprise nonetheless. I always like hearing from other directors regarding Mr. Lynch's work.