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FWWM Podcast

Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2013 1:32 am
by hopesfall
I just had a quick scan to see if this has already been posted, and i didn't see anything so here goes...

I have just finished listening to this podcast by The Projection Booth who do round table discussions about all kinds of movies (they have discussed Dune and Blue Velvet before). This week they have decided to discuss Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Also in the episode are great interviews with Bob Engels and Michael J Anderson. Not to mention music related to the film, audio snippets, etc. It's nearly four hours long, so i listened to it during seperate car journeys! It's worth it though. I actually can't wait to listen to it again.

I found the discussion really interesting to listen to, especially seeing as one of the three people is a huge twin peaks fan who saw the series then the movie, one is also a fan but saw the film BEFORE the show, and another just saw the film without seeing a single second of the series, so it gets points of view from all angles. The Bob Engles interview was great too, he seems like such a nice, interesting guy.

I imagine many of you would have heard this already, but for those who haven't you can download it here: ... th-me.html