A Rough Guide to making your own FWWM Extended Cut

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Re: A Rough Guide to making your own FWWM Extended Cut

Postby kingsoprano718 » Sat Aug 09, 2014 12:03 pm

Perfection. Redoing the edit now. I did not even realize they had resurfaced!

Off topic kind of but I am now laying out the ground work for 2 more edits. I know this will probably be sacrilege but I wanted to make 2 companion pieces to Fire if I ever wanted to rewatch Peaks again and did not have time to sit through the whole series.

The first movie would be the Laura Palmer investigation.

The second would be the Windom Earle lodge stories.

My intention is to do this for fans who have already seen the series but to also re-edit and possibly rescore some scenes and see if I could make the tone fit the movie a little more. To turn Twin Peaks into a trilogy. It is impossible to improve upon perfection of course but I want to give this my own kind of voice, perhaps going as far as to giving the series a slightly new ending involving FWWM to tie it all together. But that is a ways off. Lets see how the FWWM edit goes first.
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Re: A Rough Guide to making your own FWWM Extended Cut

Postby marchug » Tue Aug 12, 2014 9:57 am

jlyon1515 wrote:I'm providing you all with updated transparent screen text images to use in your own fan edits.

When I originally made the screen text for Q2, I was using the French Blu-ray image for reference. That Blu-ray has significantly different coloring (more muted white, and grey black instead of pure black), plus I didn't match up the text quite as good as I could have (I was rushed, he did his edit crazy quick!).

In the new Entire Mystery FWWM Blu-ray, the text is all perfectly white with a deep black shadow. Unfortunately, I didn't get these new versions to Q2 in time, but because I noticed that they weren't perfect, I redid them to more consistently match the new Blu-ray's image.

SO, anyway, here is what you're looking for:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/213 ... n-text.zip

Besides the image of the screen text, I also provide a text file with some notes (in particular a note about the varying placement of the theatrical screen text), and also a few images for reference about how accurately I matched up the text (one is attached).


THANKS! This is great. I was a little confused as to why Lynch didn't make one for Buenos Aries. I will be doing that today.
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Re: A Rough Guide to making your own FWWM Extended Cut

Postby uncle_fugly » Mon Aug 18, 2014 4:00 pm

FWIW, here's how I would insert the Cooper/Diane sequence and the extended Bowie sequence.

1) Agent Desmond goes to Fat Trout, sees the ring, and reaches for it. Fade to white.
2) Liberty Bell establishing shot -- Philadelphia
3) Cooper/Diane sequence
4) Establishing shot -- Buenos Aires (This wasn't released as part of The Missing Pieces, so you can either (a) insert stock footage of an aerial shot and add the title card over this or (b) add the title card over the hotel lobby
5) Jeffries checks in.
6) Extended footage of the room above the convenience store. Cut before MFAP mentions 'garmonbozia'.
7) Same as the movie, Cooper tells Cole about his dream/Jeffries appears with Black Lodge sequence spliced in. After Cole and Cooper look at the surveilance footage and say, 'Where did he go? Where is Agent Desmond?", cut back to:
8) Extended footage of the room above the convenience store beginning with the extreme closeup of BOB laughing. Cut before it overlays this with Laura's face. Dissolve to:
9) Jeffries reappears in Buenos Aires.

You won't get all of the extended convenience store footage and the extended sequence of Jeffries with Cooper/Cole, but you will be able to insert something between the two Cooper scenes to make the tone shift less abrupt.
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Re: A Rough Guide to making your own FWWM Extended Cut

Postby The Dream Man » Sun Aug 24, 2014 2:27 pm

I recently watched all of the deleted scenes, and I must say that they are absolutely amazing. Having said that, it was difficult to really get the feel of the movie from only the deleted scenes by themselves. I definitely, no, I must see one of these fan edits. Who do I need to PM to get this to happen :) ?

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